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01-17-2012, 07:00 PM

Please give me som quick help with my channellist.

I had to do a new search (again) and my TV insists storing the channels randomly.
Not from 1 to 14 in wrong order but one in place 147 and in place 297 and so on.

With all other TV's i owned this is normally not an issue, you just select the channel you want to move and type in the new place.
But with this TV i need to select the channel i need rearrange end then push green button 296 times if it's channel 1 I want stored in place one.:mad:

This is stupid, i tried manually installation but this option only says "store" i don't get any possibilitys to change place.

PLEASE HELP! (if you understand what i'm trying to describe..:) )

02-12-2012, 08:51 PM
Hello Klazzon,

you've got 2 possibilites: re-install the channels or update them.

If you've already set the preferred channel order, choosing "update" the channel order is mantained. Only the new channels detected are added.

However is not necessary to push 296 times to shift it to the position 1.

You can, once the desired new channel is highlighted, digit the "1" and then the channel name will be placed where you want (otherwise you can "jump page by page" clicking on the "external crown right-left"
of the remote control). Confirm the position click OK. And it's solved.

Try it and let me know.


04-16-2012, 08:57 PM
Hi Nettle

As happy as I am for your reply as sorry am I for my late one...

I think I need some further explanation for your advice, but first I will describe what I tested.

When i try to rearrange my channels i do the following:

Menu=>"crown" right =>Channels=>"crown" right=> go down to Rearrange=>press ok.

After I press ok I get the blue channellist to the right on my screen with the "active" channel in the background. (I can see the actual channel before I move it.)
In the bottom there are a white list with the folloing coloralternatives: RED=rename GREEN=Uninstall YELLOW=Move up BLUE= Move down. The following text tells me: "This allows you to rename,to reshuffle and to uninstall or reinstall the stored TV channels. Press the corresponding colour keys."

There i no way of "mark" any channel more then highlighting. If I press any digit e.g. 2 the only thing that happens is that the blue channellist jumps to "channel 2" and the visible channels in the list changes from 300-307 to 1-8.

If I try to use the "crown" UP/DOWN the only thing that happens is the the highlighted area moves up or down.
If I try the "crown" right nothing happens, if I try left it just moves back in the TV-menu system..

Is there any other way to "activate" the channel i want to move?
The external crown = the round up/down/left/right and OK on the handset?

Please give me some more help and i will reply much much much faster :-)

Otherwise i just have to live with it... but I'm pretty sure my next Tv won't be a Philips even if i like th other product.

Thanks in advance and BR