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01-22-2012, 04:54 PM
model 40pfl6626T bought last week. software q551- (release for tv550r3, q551-
working good, internet connection wired through adsl router/ modem.
Modem router lights are flickering more and frequently but it works, but sometimes loose internet connection and have to restart modem. this did not happen before.
Today, sunday 22.01.2012 at 10 am the provider shut down my internet and contacted me by sms that I have a virus and it is coming from the digibox?? it is sending strange messages etc. I am waiting for more info about which port, virus type, netadapter/machine code etc.
This is very odd? provider is sonera, the tv has the software installed and checked for new software but all seems to be up to date.
What virus can be in there or something that seems like a virus to the ISP?

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01-22-2012, 07:54 PM
I have not heard on any news regsrding virus infections on TVs, but it might be the first time. Since there is a Linux-based operating system on the TV, there should not be much viruses and it should be relatively secure, but still it is possible.
The fact, that your TV is relatively new, decreases the probability of getting it infected. It was not connected very long/often to the net. To infect the TV you might have to visit some websites containing malware.

First of all, are you sure the TV was the only device connected to your modem?
Are all PCs equiped with anti virus software?
It might be more reasonable, that a PC is infected with malware and created unexpected traffic.

What is the digibox? I have heard from vulnerabilities of some routers. Is digibox your router?

Regarding firmware, your version should be good. Regarding traffic, there should be no traffic from NetTV, which looks like virus infection. This is standard ip/html traffic.

There were some DDoS attacks against the US Department of Justice and the FBI by Anonymous. Such traffic could be relatively easily detected as bad traffic. It is more likely, that you have a PC/Notebook, which got infected some time ago (could be relatively long time) and you did not recognize it. Then they made use of your infected computer for such an attack.


By the way: DDoD is a Distributed Denial of Service attack. Many (really many) PCs (or connected devices) are sending service requests to a server at the same time. The server can not handle all that requests and will be overloaded until it does not react and crashes.
To organize such an attack, you need to hijack many PCs and make them trigger requests at the time the hacker wants it. So a PC might be infected for a very long time and nobody knows. And on request of the hacker it will act to help and join the DDoS attack.
This would also say that it is more likely you PC got infected. The hackers won't be able to hijack so many PCs at a short time. It needs some time to get enough PCs.

Hope I could help you a little...

01-22-2012, 08:56 PM
thank you smart for your reply.
digibox is what the Fins call DVB-T or dgitenna in Holland.
I know it is very unlikely that there is a virus in the TV of DVB-T part of the software. I did visit on the first day all the possibilities that nettv has to offer, I tried everything, including some search options.
It was strange that the phone company cut me and mentioned that there is a virus in my digibox since with the tv or nettv you can only surf but not download anything and it is linux.
Now I do have another device connected to my router beside my PC and that is (also) a linux based Sat receiver. I have had the sat receiver for several years never any problems and not even possible to surf the internet with the receiver, only possibility is to download receiver related own software from the manufacturer etc.
I will ask tomorrow from the provider company, I already asked but expect to get more details about the virus from them. I asked for ports, virus type, netadapter or machine codes and the times when it happened.
So I can find out what and exactly from where it happened within my network.
I completely checked my computer, router and Sat receiver for viruses with a virus scanner and also finding some possible info on the net about what possibilities could be.
Nothing sofar.
Indeed there could be a possibility that the tv has been sending out a lot of requests at the same time but, it sounds all a bit strange.
Hope to get more info soon from the provider.

02-25-2012, 12:34 PM
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