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01-23-2012, 07:30 AM

I just bought the tv in subject and i'm quite happy with its features and image quality, moving from an older samsung model. I have 2 questions though, because the included user manual is very short and does not cover these:
1. VGA resolution of TV is always 1920x1080, even if the PC sets it to a lower value (e.g 1024x768). This does not happen when using HDMI connection for the PC (Ok). Why is that? Is there a solution for it?
2. Image preset modes (Cinema, Natural, Standard etc.) all have certain settings. from which I noticed the HD Natural Motion setting to be different (Off in Cinema, Natural, On in Standard etc.). Can you share a document with the settings for each preset. Can they be changed by the user according to its own preferences and saved for future use? Can new presets be created?

Some shortcuts would be nice for the common changed features, like:
- HD Natural Motion toggling Off/minimum/maximum instead of the green button current function of demos (which is totally useless once you buy the TV, I'm sure you agree).....maybe the function to be according with the TV location setting shop/home?!
- some shortcut to switch the channel audio setting from mono to stereo and viceversa
- some shortcut to enable/disable audio surround
....all of these are currently hard to reach, one needs to go to settings->picture/sound->....

Can someone from Philips Support Team provide some answers for the above questions/requests?
Thank you beforehand.

BTW, I'm using the latest fw 2.18.