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01-25-2012, 11:52 AM

I've recently bought a Philips 46PFL8606H television and four PTA516/00 3D MAX glasses. The television features the Two Player Gaming mode. This way a friend and I can play split screen games in full screen, where I only see my screen and my friend only sees his screen.

The only game Ive played in Two Player Mode (so far) has been Gears Of War 3 on the XBOX 360 console. This game splits the screen in a top/bottom formation. The XBOX 360 is connected to the tv with an HDMI cable and the resolution is perfect (i.e. no black bars like some of the other members on the Philips Support Forum are experiencing in Black Ops).

I have, however, been encountering two different issues with the Two Player Gaming since the beginning (since I bought the TV last week).

The greater issue is that when playing in Two Player Mode, the screen of the second player (under normal circumstances on the bottom half of the screen) seems stretched vertically. This is easily visible when both players pause the game (in-game pause!) and I take off my PTA516/00 glasses.
Logically, one would expect that both of the pause-menu's would overlap eachother seamlessly, seeing as that they're both positioned in the exact center of the screen.
In reality, however, the menu's are not overlapping seamlessly, which causes the different lines in the menu (like "options", "resume game", etc) to be displayed twice.

When I put the glasses back on (and turn them on again, obviously) and switch between the two different players' views (with the very handy two player-button on the glasses), I can see that the menu of the primary player is centered (just as it would be when I'm playing sinlge player for instance), whereas the menu of the second player is offset to the top.

I've checked the software update function on the tv, but it states that the tv already has the latest software installed. My XBOX 360 is also running the latest official software from Microsoft. I've tried all the different screen size/scaling/format options on both the tv and the XBOX 360; to no avail, sadly.

Any ideas what (else) I can try or apply to correct this issue are very welcome.

The second (minor) issue I'm experiencing with Two Player Gaming on the tv, is that when I'm using Two Player Mode, player 1 can vaguely see player 2's screen and vice versa. My friends and I have come to calling this "Two Player Ghosting", as the other player's screen is just barely visible.
Note that my friends and I have accepted this issue, since it doesn't really bother us (unlike the above-mentioned issue, which does bother us greatly).
That said, it would still be nice if someone can suggest a solution to this as well...

Thanks in advance.



(btw, I live in the Netherlands and I can read/write perfect Dutch, too)