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01-25-2012, 12:08 PM
Hi guys,

I bought the Philips 40PFL6606 and a few weeks ago the firmware was updated in my TV. 1 day later, I have accessed to YouTube and the app offered me an update available (ie: YouTube Leanback). I have updated the app and is good the new look and feel and the HD videos in full automatically.... BUT.... when I'm accessing to YouTube, the same video is automatically played everytime I access and is freaking me out (always the same guy in the same video).

Therefore, I was trying to get the settings and change the video shown, but I was not able to set a different video. I would like to set a different one or a different category; or.... I don't know... a random choice, but I want to take out that video from the TV!!

I've researched about it and I can't do a login in my youtube account, so I can't set my favorites. Another idea was to get the URL www.youtube.com/leanback but Flash is required and Philips doesn't allow any plug-in.

Does someone knows how to take out or change the video when YouTube is accessed in the TV?

Thank you in advance!