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01-29-2012, 01:32 PM

One year ago I bought a television 40PFL9705H and a soundbar HTS7140/12 with the 3D upgrade kit PTA02 (Active 3D glasses and 3D transmitter).
During several months I used them only for TV because there was a frequent random problem of "Disk not present". This problem was solved with the guaranty by the change of the bluray disk reader.
This month I bought my first 3D blu-ray disk. On the box of this disk the movie format is 1920x1080p HD 2.35:1 -16/9 with the blu-ray 3D logo. But it not possible to get the 3D mode.
I verified:
* I use the last software fot the both (television:SW=Q5551- and soudbar:System=40.11, Subsystem=54-00-00-04).
* I use the HDMI ARC
* I changed the batteries of the glasses.
* I got the 3D menu. For the tests I can switch between Auto, Side by side, top/bottom
* If I choose "Side by side" or "top/bottom" I can sense an activation of the glasses but I get superimposed images.
* If I choose "Auto", I can sense an de-actvation of the glasses.
but I get never a 3D viewing.
Today I am disappointed by these purchases. We are far from the 3D ready...

Please, Could you help me ?
Best regards.

01-29-2012, 01:37 PM

please switch of all energy lamps in your TV room. Also check, if the PTA215 sender is pluged in correctly. Open the CSM (TV mode and 123654 on the remote), on the 3rd page (cursor down) you can see if the 3D sender is installed - some version should appear.


01-29-2012, 02:10 PM
Hello Toengel,
Thanks for your answer.
Yes the 3D device is pluged in. I did not know the CSM pages. I can note in the CSM-2 the line:
"2.7 3D dongle software:3 DDON"