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Peter i Falkenberg
01-29-2012, 07:01 PM
Not often but sometimes when there´s interference on the antenna signal, like when there´s a Taxi or a moped outside the house which have equipment that give terrestrial interference. The sound on TV disappears which is OK as long as the interference is there but the problem is that the audio never comes back automatically when the signal is OK again (no interference). If I watch TV with the built in DVB-T2 tuner I must go to another TV-channel and back again to get back the audio.

I`ve also experienced that the audio have disappeard for no obvious reason and to get it back I´ll have to do the same procedure, switch to another TV-channel and go back again.

I also have an external satellite receiver connected via HDMI and sometimes when I change to a satellite TV-channel which have a "louder audio level" than the previous one, the audio in TV disapperas, to get it back I´ll have to change to another HDMI-input on the TV and back again.

I´ve tested that audio is working on another TV at the same time when it´s not working on PHILIPS PFL9706T/12 so I´m sure that the problem is in PHILIPS PFL9706T/12 and not in other equipment or in the transmission.

I´ve got a feeling that it is sudden high audiolevel peaks that cause the problem with disappering sound on PHILIPS PFL9706T/12. Is there some kind of limiter in the TV that could cause these problems?

This is getting quite irritating. Anyone else experinced the same problem? Is it possible to correct by software update?

I have installed the lastest software Q5551-


02-02-2012, 02:59 PM
I have a different model with the same problem.
It is quite intermitent and as far as I know not related to any kind of interference, but has exactly the same solution reselecting the channel and audio comes back.
Seems like is not a problem on the TV, I changed my first TV on the shop because of this and them both are made the same thing. What is quite disapointing is tha audio is not coming back when the signal is restored. If Philips is designing their TVs to do so, could be a good idea to show a message saying "No audio signal" or something like that, this way you know for sure that this is not a problem on the TV itself.

Peter i Falkenberg
02-02-2012, 08:19 PM
I´ve also discovered that the audio often disappears when the transmission changes to local news "Regionala Nyheter" on SVT 1 and SVT 2 using the built in DVB-T2 tuner in PHILIPS PFL9706T/12. When the transmission changes there´s often some disturbing sound for less than a second which I can hear on other TV-sets. When this happens the audio from PHILIPS PFL9706T/12 disappears and never come back automatically, on my other TV-sets the audio is there all the time. So the problem with disappearing sound is definitely caused by something in PHILIPS PFL9706T/12.

/ Peter

02-06-2012, 05:17 PM
What I mean when I said that is not a problem on the TV itself is that in my opinion is not something that you can fix calling the Philips service or replacing the TV with one of the same model. Seems like is something that Philips decided to design this way, if the TV detects something strange with audio then switches it off and is not comming back until you reselect the channel. In my opinion not a nice solution, I hope they will target this issue on the next firmware update, but who knows.
I just leave a description of our problem here: http://getsatisfaction.com/philips
If someone else is having this kind of problems could be a good idea to leave a reply here.