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01-31-2012, 07:28 AM
Hi forum !

My parents just bought a 40PFL5806K and connected it to the digital SAT.
During installation, the TV found about 1000 channels, but the first time they wanted to watch, the channel list was empty.
I guess that the TV only displays the BVB-T/C channels on startup, not the DVB-S.
Is there a way to change this, so that the DVB-S channels are used when switching on the TV?
Or what is the normal procedure to watch SAT TV?

Sorry for a maybe stupid question, but i'm not there to play with the TV, i only try to give phone support to my parents.

Thanks in advance.

01-31-2012, 07:30 AM

in the home menu are 2 option:

- Watch TV (DVB-C and DVB-T and analog)
- Watch Satellite (DVB-S)

The TV should remember your last setting.


01-31-2012, 07:39 AM
Thanks, i will ask them to try it out.