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02-01-2012, 03:52 PM
Hello all

I have a very strange behaviour in the tv
Tv connected to Internet fine and tested

usb recording seems that is nor working fine.

A) timesift function works fine, i press pause button and tv start recording till i press play again and i can continue watching the tv till i reach the present timeline.

B) BUT if i try to record something pressing record button a screen requesting start time and stop time appears i select for example 10 minutes and i press ok
so a message says recording then the red ball appears in the upper right side of the screen and when the time reaches the end line a message says recoding stop and the red ball dissapear. Ok Till here everything seems to be ok

But when i try to see what has been recorded going to Home and USB device
always it says emptynothing appears

I have tested with 3 different disks
a) Usb hdd 2,5 inches 80GB with no external energy
b) Usb hdd 1.8 inches 1TB with no external energy
c) Usb hdd 3,5 inches 500Gb with external energy

In the 3 cases the tv recognized the disks and formated apparently fine, i checked in my laptop that the disks were formated at least in something different than the NTFS

I don´t know what else to do please help!

Sorry for my poor english
Thxs in advance.

Perpetual Beta
02-11-2012, 06:49 PM
My english isn't perfect, too. :D

Philips uses an ext2 filesystem (from the Linux world) for DVB recording on USB mass storage. And encrypts the recordings so that they are readable only on the TV where there were recorded. No chance to watch on any other Philips TV, no chance to watch or edit on any PC.

Encrypted recordings might be necessary for encrypted DVB streams e.g. coming with HD+ - on legal grounds. IMHO Philips does itself no favour patronizing its customers with inferiour usability. Private DVB recordings are legal in several countries.

The recordings of your TV are found behind /Home/Programme guide, not behind /Home/USB-device .
As written in the User Manual.

02-12-2012, 09:14 AM

I think the reason for the encryption is due to the broadcaster - they only allow TV recordings directly by the TV if encryption is present...