View Full Version : Temporary buffering and freezing due to interference with microwaves

02-03-2012, 02:45 PM
I am very conscious that this sounds really weird, but the MCI730 starts buffering then freezes, every time (without any exception) when a microwave oven is turned on. I thought is just coincidence, but I tested this repeatedly, the result is the same.

Sometimes, if the microwave is turned on for longer than 1 minute, the MCI730 reboots itself.

It could be also an interference with the wireless router, but only the MCI730 has issues (the computers on the same wifi network have no issues with the wifi connection when the microwave is turned on). Therefore I can exclude the interference with the wifi router.

It's known that wifi and microwaves have common characteristics (high frequency both), but until now, the MCI730 is the only one appliance which has real issues/ interference with microwaves, I've ever met.

Is it possible that everytime one of the neighbours uses a microwave oven, our MCI730 starts buffering? Maybe is one of the issues which we still did not discover yet? And the R&D by Philips could not test this phenomenon yet, because they do not have any microwaves near the MCI730?

Remark: the microwave oven in case is a Siemens built-in combined microwave oven, at a distance from the MCI730 about 6-7 meter.

Did anybody else experience this phenomenon?

Can somebody else reproduce it?

Can it be fixed by software or remains a hardware issue forever?


02-03-2012, 06:32 PM
Brilliant clue!

I am suffering from spontaneous reboots every now and then.
I will check if there is any relation (and even going to try what happens when I use the microwave).

If this is really an interference problem, I am afraid it can only be solved by HW...

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