View Full Version : TPM177E_012.002.070.061 upgrade on for 6162/12, 6262/12, 6272/12

11-17-2017, 07:34 PM
i have downloaded the new upgrade in order to fix problematic 051 one. followed the instructions. cannot upgrade.

the system when tries to load the usb file shows "failure".

also the system cannot find the new upgrade in order to install it through wifi!!

worse problem than what was anticipated...

11-18-2017, 03:56 AM
used an 8gb stick instead of 32gb and managed to upgrade

Jakub Adamec
11-18-2017, 07:39 AM
For me the upgrade doesn’t solve the issues with freezing Tv during switching programmes.

11-18-2017, 11:44 AM
Miracast is still not working...

Edit: Wireless internet stopped working...

Great update.

11-26-2017, 04:29 PM
I have since 4 weeks a 43pus6262_12 with

Current Main Software: TPM177E_012.002.038.031

tryed to update via usb (because internet connection is not working) to


every time "error" appears.

is it possible to force a update - [ID00686] in Philips Troubleshooting guide is empty

(for TV 2011 and older: enter CSM > red button >25327)

is there a solution ?

11-28-2017, 06:30 AM
Hi, we have the same issues with Miracast using a number of devices that work with Miracast on other TV brands and between each other, so it seems very specifically a FW issue with this release. See the other thread about this here -> Experience Thread - TPM177E_012.002.070.061 for 6162/12, 6262/12, 6272/12