View Full Version : 24PFS4022/12 Screen Flickering

12-16-2017, 10:20 PM
I bought a 24PFS4022/12 TV and connected to my pc with HDMI but screen flickering and shrinking sometimes. I check my resolution and refresh rates. I check my computer on another TV nothing works. I tried with DVI to VGA adapter and finally worked with both VGA and HDMI connected, but when i disconnected VGA cable, HDMI flickering again. Also i checked and re-install my graphic drivers.Sometimes TV is giving black screens and came back in one second, starts flickering and shrinking again. Updated from last firmware update on Philips website and nothing changes again. I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX760 in my desktop computer. My English is not good enough.. So sorry about my bad language. Thanks for help. I really wan't to run this TV with my HDMI cable connection..