View Full Version : Muse2: Media Library, Navigation inconsistencies

02-08-2012, 10:15 PM
Model: SA2MUS16S/17 - Firmware 1.36.0

Anyone monitoring this forum? Here are some more inconveniences I have found when using the Muse2.

1- View mode = by Album, the artist column is still displayed
In this mode, the leftmost column (reserved for Artist name) is empty. But the column is still displayed and takes up about 1 cm width for displaying nothing. Worst yet, it is clickable. As soon as it is clicked, the view mode switches immediately to "Artist & Album" and ther eis no quick way to switch back to "by Album" (other than using the button on the toolbar and select by Album). It would make more sense to remove completely the undesired column to prevent accidental click and leave more screen space for displaying the useful content.

Also as I suggested in a previous post, the selected View mode must become the default one (instead of reverting to Artist & Album at each power on).

2- Select Album by Cover: must display track list instead of playing first track
When navigating by "Cover Flow", when an album is selected, the device plays the first track immediately. Would it be better to display the track list instead? This leave the user a chance to review the album content and possibly jump to a certain track other than #1.

3- Track list: must loop within the SAME album
This is a repeat of Issue #5 in the previous post http://www.supportforum.philips.com/en/showthread.php?4445-Muse2-Random-track-within-Album-amp-GUI-improvement-requests. I repeat it here b/c this is quite a major inconvenience when browsing the tracklist. When the navigate past the first / last track. The display must loop back to the track list of the SAME album in ribbon fashion. Like in Ariaz2 & 3 models. Currently the Muse2 go to previous or next album.

4- Album navigation or Cover Flow view: must NOT return to Playing screen automatically
While playing, User wants to review albums & album tracks by selection the button in the toolbar. If the user pause to read the display for about 15 seconds. Then the screen returns automatically to the playing screen. To return to the previous screen, the user must hit the button in the toolbar again. I think it would be better to leave the user on the screen he/she was reading. There is a button on the toolbar to return to the playing screen. The user can always select that button any time. If the user took the trouble to leave the playing screen to navigate the remaining album content, it's likely the user *wants* to read these album content and not want to leave that screen after 15 seconds.

Hope you'll take in account these improvement requests in next firmware update. I understand you rush the GUI job to remain cost competitive. At least please take in account user request to improve the firmware.