View Full Version : PFL9704: Game mode with personal color setting without overwriting Personal settings?

02-09-2012, 07:22 AM

as i got no answer on my post in the usability form I ask for a software/firmware enhancement in this place for the following missing feature:
when I switch from the SAT settop box to the PS3 game console I want to get rid of the 200ms delay that come with the Natural Motion turned on and some other image optimizations at my 52PFL9704.
When I just select the "Smart setting" "Game" then they are turned off and there is no delay in the picture but the colors are far too much. So when i then turn down the colors with the quick setting menu, then it just overwrites my "Personal smart setting"!?! This is something I really donīt want because I have quite some other settings in my personal setting which I use when viewing satellite TV!!!

Why is it not possible to have a least a second personal setting memory place:
- one for watching SAT TV (with Natural Motion on and everything and my prefered colors
- and one for playing console games with no delay (with Natural Motion off and also with my prefered colors

Or just make it possible to change the preset modes to a personal taste would also be a possibilty (even better with a "restore to factory default" option)

Or just make a quick switch between Natural Motion on/off possible - e.g. by using a special combination on the remote control or button

Or add an option "turn off/on all image enhancements" (like natural motion, 200hz etc.) to the quick menu (but leave the colors untouched with this setting)

Could you please add one of these possibilities to the firmware!


Philips - Thomas
02-10-2012, 02:45 PM

Sorry but this Kind of enhancement is not possible in the Firmware.


02-11-2012, 05:35 AM
Hello Thomas,

thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately also the menu on the TV is so slow and the menu for turning off Natural Motion/100Hz etc. is so complicated to reach, that even by programming a macro on a programmable remote control is no real solution because one would have to wait ages for turning this on or off. :(

Could you please explain why it should not be possible in the firmware to realize my proposed solution to have a certain key on the remote control (when having an external (HDMI) input selected) to turn off all delaying image enhances on/off at once? It would not matter if it would be saved in the PP (personal setting) because one could turn it on or off again instantly anyway by pressing this key on the remote.

Actually when i watch HDMI1 for example (where my AV Receiver is connected) I am almost sure there are keys on the remote that are of no use in this situation (e.g. the green or blue keys). These keys could be used.
And even if thats not possible usually there is still the possibility to differentiate between a short key press on the remote and a long key press on the remote, so also a key that is usually used for something different could be used with a long keypress.

This would be only software enhancement and no further memory place for personal setttings would be necessary (I understand that there might be a limitation).

Thanks in advance,