View Full Version : GoGear Mix Mp3 player does not respond!

02-09-2012, 01:41 PM
Hello! I have a Go Gear Mix Mp3player (model SA3MXX02K/02) and from the beginning it didnt't work. I won the player at a contest so obviously I cant send it back to the shop for repair because its not acquired on my name though it has a warranty certificate. Additionally I tried the repair method in the troubleshooting but after a few seconds a message appears saying that the repair could not be done. Please tell what else could be done with this player because it would be a shame to throw it to garbage since it's new? I have the latest version of the device manager installed and when I connect the device to the PC, the PC recognizes the device. The player doesn't react when it's connected. Please help me!

02-16-2012, 07:44 AM
try this one after another to see if this works:

1) make sure it's fully charged
2) press reset key to see if it can wake up or not
3) [only if you can still turn on ur player] - try setting your player to factory configuration
4) open device manager to see if this works after upgrading firmware
5) repair ur unit... this might be quite difficult / complicated to do so.
*press vol + while plugging in your switched off device
*release the key when you see there's a pop up message leading you to repair