View Full Version : Philips 37PFL6606K/02 - Hardware - Update ? Ci+

02-16-2012, 08:48 AM
Last week i ordered a Philips 37PFL6606K/02. My Dealer told me, Philips is going to ship update TVs of Model Philips 37PFL6606K/02 between 22.2. - 29.2.2012 .

The dealer told me, that Philips is currently changing a part inside the TV, as well as a "internal" - Software - Update would be made. This Software - Update only could be done via the internal Service-Interface and could not be done via USB/Internet.

So my dealer recommended me to wait for the update TVs. Changes would concern the CI+ Standard.

So my question is.. Can you confirm this? Would you recommend to wait for the updated devices (even if i will not be using any CI+ gizmos)