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02-17-2012, 05:32 PM
Hey I got this TV:

and I haave a problem with some issues.
I saw in Streaming & Network Forum someone that adviced to downgrade and upgrade agian.
but how should I downgrade?? I mean I need the downgrade file. Can you help Please??

02-17-2012, 10:09 PM
Dear Benny,

lok at these (be careful to your TV model before to eventually proceed):

Software downgrade instructions.
Philips does NOT advise to downgrade, that is why Philips does not provide older SW versions.
Better wait for a NEW SW version, which is published on regular basis!

If you insist however, it is only save to downgrade from e.g. 140.27 to 140.25 or 140.23 (same SW branch).
Do NOT downgrade from e.g. version 140.xx to 75.xx. This can result in a undefined TV behaviour requiring a Service intervention! So, be aware that downgrading the TV is at your own risk!

Instructions for downgrade to a lower SW version:

Switch the TV "off": unplug mainscord or use TV's mains switch.
Unzip file and copy "autorun.upg" in the root of an USB stick, and plug it into TV.
Press the OK (or ARROW DOWN) button on the remote, keep it pressed, and cold-start the TV (with USB stick plugged in).
You will now enter the software upgrade/downgrade menu.
Choose the correct autorun.upg and start the software update/downgrade.


N.B. The downgrade is not fully safe for your TV in my opinion.

However the entire post on this topic is here: