View Full Version : How to get better voice and FM recording qualities? (SA2ARA16K/55)

02-19-2012, 05:31 PM
Hello. I recently bought an Ariaz MP4 player and I found that the voice and FM recording qualities are rather poor, 32 kbps for voice and 112 kbps for FM (both recordings in MP3 format). I also noted that voice recordings don't play when copied to a PC, so they only play well in the Ariaz player.

Is there any way to modify the quality of recording with the Ariaz Players? Can I make my player records voice and FM in WAV (ADPCM) format just like some other MP3 and MP4 players?

(Added 19:51h COT) I just noticed that the only player in my PC that could't open the voice file was Winamp 2.95 (it's my favorite player), I could open VOICE001.MP3 with Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic and Audacity (a sound editor).