View Full Version : Have to push the power button 30-40 times before the TV stays turned on

02-22-2012, 11:47 PM
I have a Philips 32PFL3505D/F7B tv and lately I have to push the power button 30-40 times before the TV will stay on. When I push the power button (either remote or on tv) the white light in the lower right hand corner comes on and the the Philips logo comes on the screen... then it turns off before the channel numbers come up in the upper right hand corner of the screen. So I push the power button again and again and eventually it stays on. I tried to download a firmware update on to a jump drive but not matter how I do it the message I get on the screen says there are multiple update files on the drive. I've reformatted and reformatted and purchased two different jump drives and no matter what I get the same message... multiple updates not the drive...which isn't true. If I get the software to update would that take care of the power issue?

Philips - Thomas
02-23-2012, 08:56 AM

please get in contact with your local Call Center:


03-17-2012, 07:22 PM
My 42PFL966H/12 from December 2009 has exactly the same problem.

Contacted the service center: could not help me. Contacted Philips Consumer Interest, they say this problem is not known by them and stated in a letter that I recieved from them that I should accept the leniency proposition of the service center. Technorep resp.: € 140 euro for a television that started to show this defect when the guarantee of the television was 1 month passed.

Not really satisfying, to say the least.

07-20-2012, 03:31 AM
Me 3. I've got this on model: 32pfl3505d
LED lights, PHILIPS displays then it goes out.

Perhaps the power supply is being shut down due to an error on boot?
Or maybe the supply is failing in a way that it can't handle the surge of turning the TV on?
But it's got a computer in it, so it could be anything.

08-24-2012, 05:46 AM
I found the problem in my 32PFL3505D/F7. When the philps logo is displayed the backlighting is turned on. The backlight is powered by it's own board called the inverter board. There are several error signals that can shut the set down. One of them, PROTECT3 is generated on the inverter board when it detects a problem. That could be that a bulb is our or if an over-voltage is detected.

On my set the overvoltage was tripping about 1 second after backlight power was applied. That was just long enough to see the philips logo. It appears the main DC power on the inverter board was supposed to be about 85V. Mine was around 100V, which is right at the OV protection voltage.

It appears that the design did not allow for component aging. It's also quite possible the voltage was always high, but not quite high enough to trip the OV protect. I was able to set my voltage back down to the upper 80V range by adding a resistor. If the components continue to age, this may only be a temporary solution. (of course the only permanent soln would be a better design.)



(Here in North America the 32PFL3505D/F7 is desgned and built by Funai, so there isn't anything "philips" about it except the name. this may not be the case outside NA.)