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02-23-2012, 11:31 AM
I recently got my 42pfl7606 and I'm now thinking of returning it for somethig better. It's a shame cause I really like many things about this TV:

1. Nice colours. Out of the box is a disaster but after a slight calibration they look pretty nice although not entirely natural.
2. Nice design and built quality.
3. Good uniformity of the screen. Only minimum clouding on the far right side close to the bezel. Hardly noticeable.
4. Very good 3D. I prefer passive 3D anyway since I find it far less tiring to my eyes.
5. Internet TV options, still sluggish and unpolished, but I have it hooked on a HTPC so I hardly ever use it.
6. Ambilight rocks.


7. Really below par black levels. I think it's ridiculous for the overall specs and class of the TV to have such bad black levels. With brightness and contrast around 50 and gamma 0 (all additional post processing options off), whenever I watch a film at night (dark room) black areas look like light coming through a smoked glass. Grey-brownish. Much information is lost and completely destroys the atmosphere. It's very bright! Which is odd since LG uses the same IPS panel on similar TVs and performs a lot better in this area. I won't compare it with the Samsungs since they use another type of panel, with other prons and cons. I think Philips could do a lot better. For casual use, especially during daytime is a great TV but it will definitely disappoint the cinefile.

I guess this is a hardware issue and it can't be fixed with any software update or maybe some more advanced tweaking (possibly in the service menu?). I wish that was the case though...

02-23-2012, 12:29 PM
most of the time the pictuer quailty is down to the softwear thats some thing philips like to keep changing in there softwears you best off taking it back and geting some thing alse or you could wait for a new softwear to come out but dont hold your breath

02-23-2012, 03:18 PM
Isn't the reason LG got the black level down (a bit) on their equivalent LW650 the fact that it has rudimentary micro dimming or something?

But yeah, black levels have been a bit of disappointment according to reviews.
And amazing that Philips would ship a TV with settings that make the TV look even worse. I mean, I know all TVs are bad out of the box, but getting the black level down from 23 to 13 cd/m2 is a big difference.