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02-24-2012, 08:16 PM
Hi together,

since the update from NetTV to SmartTV the usability of a lot of Apps has dramatically decreased. Because i live in Germany I refer always to the German version of the Apps:

Today at 20:00 local time
- MeteoNews: Not all Images are loaded and very often the Message "Transmission stopped" is displayed.
- MySpass: Images are not displayed, videos don't work (only sometimes the commercials work), sometimes also "Transmission stopped"
- Vimeo: No Images are display; App is almost unusable
- Dailymotion: TV-SW crashes and TV reboots

Today at 21:00
- Vimeo: works
- Dailymotion: works
- MySpass: Images are not displayed, the commercial work, but not the video it self

This problems came up with SmartTV - at the former NetTV-Portal the mentioned Problems do not exsist. Esp. the Message "Transmisson stopped" I've never seen at the old portal.

my TV is 40pfl7605h12 at 140.46.

Enjoy your TV, it's fun!

02-24-2012, 09:07 PM
Dear Bta,

don't be afraid, Philips is already aware that several apps are not working (last week for example in the italian Samrt TV 13 of them were not working correctly and they've contacted me in PM for further details).

For sure, actually, between "Net" and "Smart" TV the Apps usability is dramaticaly decreased.

I hope that Philips could provide soon effective patches in the next firmware release.

I wanna be optimistic. ;)