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02-29-2012, 05:13 PM
I have a Philips LCD model 40PFL5505D/F7 and have researched endlessly trying to find a solution (or even a problem that matches my symptoms) to no avail. I see plenty of power up issues, but just about every one includes the LED flashing red, green, and I think I even remember a blue. But my TV, after pressing the power on button, just has a continuous white blinking (same color as when it was working) indicator that blinks in spurts of 21 w a pause between ea spurt.

This problem has been progressive, starting about 5 months ago when it would take longer than original to start up (from 1 to 3 minutes approx) until about a month ago in which it will not power on regardless of how long I give it. I purchased a replacement power supply board assuming it had to be a power distribution/conversion issue, but that did nothing. Was debating purchasing the main supply board next as it seemed the next most likely, but was hoping for some help from someone w experience. Could it be the T-con board? I would assume the IR board by the LED indicator and button board would not cause this right.

The port for the plug (AC noise filter?) has some play in it which made me wonder if it was faulty, but my multimeter shows no issue w current passing through it and reads the same from the plug's prongs to the ones on the PSB. Does anyone know what voltage should pass through the plug. I have had readings vary from 119v to 122V coming from the wall.

There is prolly more, but I don't wanna make my post more overwhelming than I have already as I find it is harder to get a response the longer the post. But any help would really be appreciated. I don't have much money to keep guessing what to do and Philips won't give me any suggestions wants me to pay a tech the price of the TV to get this done. Any ?'s plz ask, I really miss my tv and this 19" tube just isn't doing it.....

Philips - Thomas
03-01-2012, 07:58 AM

you need to contact you local Call Center: