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03-03-2012, 01:49 PM
Hi all,

Seems the comments on this problem are spread over diff IP-EPG Topics.

So any problems with IP-EPG missing channel info, post it here pl.
Hope Philips will solve this problem very soon, cause at the moment the IP-EPG is pretty useless.

03-03-2012, 02:51 PM

maybe it is a good idea to add the country, the channels, the broadcasts, TV model and firmware in case this matters. Then it gets more clear where to search the circumstances triggering that issue.

I did not see something missing in the IP-EPG, it is working fine on my side. So this must have to do with the particular setup in your area.


03-03-2012, 03:31 PM
Netherlands, 37PFL8605/H12 2010 Model

Well what about the following channels:
RTL Lounge
RTL Crime
Eredivisie Live 1, 2, 3 and 4
Film 1 Premiere (Dutch version)
Film 1 Series (Duch version)
Film 1 Action (Dutch version)
Film 1 Sundance (Dutch version)
HBO-channels (Dutch version)
TV Gelderland
13th Street (Dutch version)
SciFy Universal (Dutch version)
Foxlive HD (Dutch version)
Animal Planet AND TLC (Dutch Version)
Nickelodeon (Dutch version)
Comedy Central (Dutch version)
Comedy Central Family (Dutch version)
Nick Toons
JimJam (Dutch version)
Sport 1 Channels (Dutch)

Where are the channels and the program info ????
So indeed 90% of te channels and the info of those channels are not there

03-03-2012, 03:53 PM
@smart, smart idea ;)

Iam from the Netherlands (Home base of Philips) and my broadcaster is ZIGGO via cable.
More than half of the channels that i can watch don't show IP-EPG info at all.

So there for i have to use the basic EPG via broadcaster with no info and no recording.
As all can see, for me the IP-EPG is pretty useless.
If you can't deliver IP-EPG info on all channels in all countries, then it is a failure.

Philips, solve this problem please.

Latest firmware; 014.095

03-17-2012, 05:29 PM
Finland, 46PFL6606T/12, latest firmware, Welho cable broadcaster

It would be easier to list those (few) channals that work ok with IP EPG... Most channals do not have any program info and there are many channels that IP EPG cannot identify. Only some "major free" finnish channels seems to be ok.

I had a chat about the problem with Philips support about week ago and on their request I have sent photos about the problem to Philips support by email. This far no reply... Hope they are working hard to solve this.

Annoying thing is that you can not use usb recording or watch prevously recorded movies without IP EPG. Otherwise Broadcaster EPG would be used instead, despite that it is not very user friendly and not very informative.

04-06-2012, 02:04 PM
I think the problem comes from the content provider(s). The EPG is suplied by TvTv which is owened by Gracenote. TVTV also offers the same EPG information from their own sites (different sites for different countries). On the site for the netherlands WWW.TVTV.NL, you find only the exact same channels which you see in the philips EPG. So unless TVTV decides to increase the number of channels (or big customers like philips force them to do so..) we will not see any change ..
On a side note: the EPG provided by the cable company ziggo at the moment is still ok, but they are also in a legal fight with another content supplier called ROVI who claims they have patents on this and wants to stop cable companies from providing this service.(http://www.digitalekabeltelevisie.nl/nieuws/archives/2012/03/ziggo_en_rovi_procederen.shtml)
It seems we are cought in a legal battle between different companies.

But: I do not think it is fair of Philips either to advertise their TV's have EPG, when in fact this service is too limited to be useful.

04-06-2012, 03:20 PM
But: I do not think it is fair of Philips either to advertise their TV's have EPG, when in fact this service is too limited to be useful.[/QUOTE]

Thats right; not fair at all, in fact its misleading.
I didnt buy a TV from TVTV or now Gracenote.
So Philips has to deal with this problem. Now please!!

Cause at the moment, the IP-EPG is a complete failure!

I must say; the picture quality and design are outstanding and Ambilight is great.
But the sw and how it is aplied is less then zero.

marco zagolin
04-28-2012, 05:51 PM
I did find some missing and wrong network channel info on my 32PFL7607M 2011 tv series (14.96.0_bld27a software).
So I have compared the brodcast (option+ok button) with the network channel info for the first,
most used, 32 channels and here are the results:
The problem is not about 7 or 10 missing info,
but for the 5 network wrong info which could be used to make wrong recordings.
Does someone know how to set the wrong channels in the nerwork guide to 'Identify channel' status ?
I believe this is another bug of Philips (best image, but worst software and support).
I did found absolutly useless the 'Identify channel' option in the network guide:
when I get the wrong info for a channel, then there is no way to identify the good one.
Here are the statistics in csv format (open with excel):
Channel (Italia);From the broadcaster;OK;wrong;missing;From network;OK;wrong;missing
RAI 1;a sua immagine;1;;;a sua immagine;1;;
RAI 2;sereno variabile;1;;;sereno variabile;1;;
RAI 3;calcio;1;;;calcio;1;;
RETE 4;monk;1;;;monk;1;;
CANALE 5;verissimo;1;;;starter wife;;1;
ITALIA 1;spot - supercane;1;;;spot - supercane;1;;
LA7 ;jag;1;;;jag;1;;
MTV;teen mom;1;;;teen mom;1;;
DEEJAY;deejay hits;1;;;deejay hits;1;;
ESPANSIONE TV;k2;1;;;k2;1;;
RAI 4;farescape;1;;;farescape;1;;
RAI 5;readship;1;;;real school(*);;1;
RAI MOVIE;avalanche;1;;;avalanche;1;;
RAI PREMIUM;commissario;1;;;n/a;;;1
CIELO;X factor;1;;;hell's kitchen;;;1
MSNBC;tre passi;1;;;n/a;;;1
LA5;tempo delle mele;1;;;tempo delle mele;1;;
REALTIME;cerco casa;1;;;n/a;;;1
QVC;esperti verde;1;;;n/a;;;1
MEDIASET EXTRA;le iene;;1;;n/a;;;1
MEDIASET ITALIA 2;orsi;1;;;pianeta mare;;1;