View Full Version : Bug: getChannelConfig().channelList etc. not working

03-13-2012, 07:56 AM
I just tried to find a different way of implementing now/next functionality by creating an Opera page that shows broadcast in the background and allows switching channels.

Unfortunately, I found out that all functions related to controlling the TV are not working according to the OIPF specification.

This is for example getChannelConfig().channelList, list.getChannel(ccid),
vid.currentChannel, getChannelByTriplet, etc.

Please make this compatible to the OIPF specification, or publish information on how this can be done in Philips Opera.

This would also allow to use a better/faster EPG with a different layout than what is currently available from Philips.



PS: You can test this using the great mit-xperts testsuite.