View Full Version : WACS7500 CD function not working

03-19-2012, 07:54 PM

Just looking for some help.
The CD function on my WACS7500 is not working.
The system will take in a CD but then displays a "no disc" message.
When I try to eject the CD the system is unresponsive.
I have to put the system into standby mode and then the CD will eject.
I have tried resetting to factory settings but this has not resolved the problem.
The system will not recognise any CD, I have tried a few.

Would be grateful of any help.

Thank You.

05-17-2012, 04:22 PM
There is a very small circuit board on the back of the CD player. It has two tiny micro switches, these may have become corroded or got dust on them and will require a switch cleaner spray to fix the problem. To do this you would need to open the system up and remove the CD player from inside the WAC.

05-20-2012, 04:14 AM
Export your music immediately. This also happened to me. I didn't worry about it, but not too long after that the entire streamium died.
Fortunately I had exported all my music using WACHandler, so I would have lost everything.