View Full Version : Problem Using net TV (uitzending gemist, RTL XL etc)

03-23-2012, 04:30 PM
I was very happy, that there was a new firmware upgrade (, 2012-03-22) for the 40PFL7605H 12.
Before this firmware update i did had a lot of problemens using NET TV.
Uitzending gemist and RTL XL, youtube those who I am using the most did not work anymore. When I am thrying to start a missed broadcast it does NOT function. This is also the problem with RTL XL and youtube. Uitzending gemist mention the it is unable to start the broadcast and that I have to try it again. I am still trying and the problem STILL appear.
I though that the firmware update solved the problem, but....... it did not.

Futhermore, after I did upgrade the firmware of the TV with firmware version, some buttons on my remote controller didn't function anymore. The firmware upgrade to version also did NOT solved this problem.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?????

kind regards,

A Dubach