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03-26-2012, 12:30 PM
Dear All,

Further to my purchase of a BDP7600/12 Player, I attempted to install it, including the WiFi feature (adding it to my local Network).

As my Network is setup as "infrastructure", meaning that I don't take advantage of the router's DHCP feature, nor do I allow it to broadcast the network's (SSID) name, I have to manually enter all relevant connection data (SSID, password, gateway address, mask, fixed IP address, DNS-es, ...) into each component that is to adhere to the Network, the BDP7600/12 included.

Regretfully, I failed to find a way for manual setup of the Network data for this Player (only a "wizard" that attempts to discover by itself the Network, attempt that will always fail, as the Network does not broadcast its name! And even if I were to allow it to broadcast the SSID, it would fail at getting an IP address ...)

Could you advise?
(incidentally: I had no trouble at all adding my 46PFL9704H/12 TV to the WiFi Network, by manually setting up all relevant data)

Thanks in advance for any support you may provide,


Eric Trattner

03-29-2012, 07:06 AM

If you try the wireless settings there should be the option after it scanned to do a manual entry of the SSID.

Once you do this and entered the password there should be an opion, auto or manual. Select manual and here you will find the options of entering your IP Adress, Netmask, gateway, DNS 1&2....

Hope this helps

03-30-2012, 06:11 AM
Dear Lucas,

Thank you so much for your input.

Actually, I did get as far as entering the SSID & Password; after that however the Player attempts to locate the Network, and -- if for any reason (weak signal ...) it fails to do so -- it does NOT offer the Manual option you suggested, but rather asks one to Retry (which means to re-enter the SSID & Password; a VERY unpleasant task for those of us who prefer PassPHRASES to PassWORDS ...)

Any idea as to how this issue can be worked-around (i.e., to enter the relevant parms irrespective of the Network being accessible at the time the Setup is performed)?

Thanks again,


03-30-2012, 12:21 PM
Hi Eric,

Please note that the network scan should come first before entering Manual, then SSID, then password. I think the sequence you describe is not correct, please confirm.

Also make sure your wifi signal is strong enough...


03-30-2012, 12:57 PM
Dear Lucas,

Thanks for the comeback :)

Indeed, there is a first scan, after which SSID & Password, and after that ... a SECOND scan!

Should the latter fail, it loops back to the beginning (through RETRY), rather than providing an option for further manual entry :(

As I said: it seems that unless the Network 1. is active and 2. has strong enough a signal, the Player won't allow for the WiFi configuration to succeed ...

Should you have an idea how to work-around this, I'd surely love to know it.

Thanks again,


Philips - Remko
04-03-2012, 07:42 AM
Hi EricT,

Can you take a video of the issue that you are facing? This will help us a lot.

Kind regards,

04-14-2012, 01:05 PM
Dear Remko,

Thanks for the input.

Sorry for the delay in my reply, but the flu did not pardon me ...

Rather than a video, I took EIGHT pictures of the various stages related to the issue at hand (due to Forum limitations, only 5 are attached to THIS message, with 3 more to come in the next).

As you can see:

1. First I select to setup the WiFi Network,

2. Further to which the Wizard scans for a Network,

3. Not finding it, it offers to rescan or select Manual Input,

4 & 5. On Manual Input I enter the Network's SSID & Password (for security reasons, the values in the pictures are NOT the real ones; I replaced them with the correct values, after having taken the pictures),

6. When done with the SSID & Password, the Wizard scans again fot the Network,

7. And when NOT finding it, it ofers to Retry (or exit),

8. With Retry bringing us back to point 3, above ...

Should, at step 7, an option for manual entry be offered for the remaining parms (Gateway, Mask, DNSes, ...) the whole issue could have been solved.

Hope this helps further a solution to the problem at hand.

Thanks again for your help,

Eric Trattner

P.S.: Check the next message too, for the remaining pictures

04-14-2012, 01:15 PM
Dear Remko,

Attached are the three remaining pictures (6-8), described in the previous message (limitations of the Forum prevented me from sending more than 6 pics in one mail ...)

On a side note: I was able to eventually setup the Network, by adding a Repeater to strengthen the signal and thus enabling the Player find the Network during Setup.
Still, the fact that when the relevant Network is NOT present there seems to be no way (for now) to configure the WiFi Network feature of this Player is still valid (meaning that -- for instance -- a technician cannot pre-set the info, at the User's request, at the Lab ...)

You may wish to have this issue addressed (possibly according to my suggestion from the previous message, see step 7) in a future release of the Firmware.

Best wishes for a Happy Weekend & Easter,

Eric Trattner

Philips - Remko
04-18-2012, 09:59 AM
Hi EricT,

Thanks for the update and pictures!

We have looked at them and did some testings with the following observations:

• We rule out hidden SSID as the issue since you tried to find the network via scanning.
• We tried the scenario below by using a non-existent access point, and the result is the same.
• Even if the network is active it will depend on how strong the signal is, Wi-Fi specifies the threshold on to which a successful connection is made.
• A repeater will really help in this scenario. Adding manual entry for remaining parameters such as gateway, mask and DNSes we think will not help as it needs to establish the physical connection first.

Kind regards,

Philips Moderation Team

04-18-2012, 06:49 PM
Dear Remko,

Thank you for your efforts & reply.

I am glad you were able to reproduce the issue (indeed, working with a non-existent AP is similar to the scenario I described).

Your last observation however points regretfully precisely to the issue I am trying to overcome: the need for the ability of configuring the WiFi connection WITHOUT physical connection at configuration time - it should make physical connection later on, when that connection is to be actually used to take advantage of the NetTV option, but configuration should be available OFFLINE (just as it is with the 46PFL9704H/12 LED TV (which I am thoroughly enjoying).

Hope this clarification will help further bettering the usability of the Player's FirmWare.

Your take?

Thanks again for your continued support,

Kind regards,