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Lex West
03-28-2012, 01:42 PM

I currently own the 47PFL7606/h (TV) and the HTS5862/12 (HCS) combination.
There seems to be a strange but serious problem on the HDMI channels of these systems.
It have cost me days now, but what I found out is the following:

When the TV and HCS are connected with a highspeed HDMI cable on the HDMI/ARC ports only, everything seems to work fine with Easylink (all HDMI features turned on etc.). So when the TV is started the audio is routed to the HCS and in the home-window of the TV all the apparatus from the HCS are found and installed (e.g. HTS-Ipod, HTS-USB etc.)
It is even possible to open the HTS-config on the TV home screen with the TV remote.

But, and now something completely akward happens when I connect another device on one of the HDMI ports on the TV or HCS.
Even better, only connecting a single HDMI cable (without any device attached) to the HDMI port on the HCS will brake things completly.
This means that the TV can not find the HCS anymore. The icons on the TV home screen disapear and the sound cannot be routed to the HCS but are ported to the TV speakers.
When I connected this cable to the TV with a AC-Ryan connected (but still turned of) and started up the TV the previous installed icons for the HCS (with text as HTS-USB etc.) were sometimes removed, but a single time they were shown with scambled/unreable text.
Disconnecting everything and restarting results in a working system.
Bottom line, This TV and HCS can only work together when no other devices are attached!!!
And how can I watch TV with my UPC mediabox when I can not connect it?????
Philips, please make things better. preferably no nonsense and without complexity!

My greatest concern is that this is a hardware design flaw, because connecting a cable on an other HDMI port shouldn't interfere with the discovering of other devices.

Please get back on me Philips Support with a solution for this, cause I see a lot of other complains about (not so) EASYLINK problems with the HTS8562.

I hope you will find my testresults usefull, it have costs me many hours while I started with everything connected and trying every setting first!

Thanx for any support.

Lex West
03-28-2012, 03:42 PM
So, just got back from the shop. I bought a Philips HDMI cable (300 series) for 40 euro's.
Hoping there was an incompatibility problem within the cables.
Though connecting it only to the HCS (HTS8562) didn't look to have exactly the same problems as describe previously, as soon as I connect it to the AC-Ryan things starts happening.

What did I do:
Connect the philips cable between HDMI1 on HTS8562 and AC-Ryan.
The TV (47PFL7606) was already connected to the HCS both on HDMI/ARC.
I first started the AC Ryan, after it was started up, I started the HCS, after that the TV.
Directly the TV couldn't connect to the HCS and the sound was routed to the tv speakers.
On the Home Window of the TV no icons for the HCS (HTS-usb etc) were found.
When I disconnected the AC-Ryan the TV directly connected to the HCS and the sound was routed to that as well. Also one icon appeared on the TV home screen for the HTS-8562 (no other icons as HTS-usb etc.).
When I restarted the HCS, the same happened. HCS was discovered and connected, sound routed to HCS and only one icon for the HTS8562 on the TV home screen.
When I restarted and the TV and the HCS everything worked as a charm again and all icons appeared on the TV home screen.

This is a serious flaw in the HDMI design or software by philips.
Can anyone help me out here how to fix this, I'm going crazy!!!

The stuff is just one and a half week old and cost me a small fortune and it isn't working properly.
I almost bought a 47"LG tv and HCS. It would have cost me several hundred of euro's less, but no. I thought that Philips was a brand which stands for quality. I hope it will stands for high quality service.

Philips, help me out here...


03-29-2012, 07:21 PM
I have exactly the same problems with the combination HTS8562 and the 46pfl9705. Philips is doing nothing with it. The HTS has been to a service center, Philips checked my tv, everything seems to be ok???? I also thought that Philips stands for high quality. It appears that this is an illusion. I really believe this is an software problem. Philips, come with an update.

Lex West
03-29-2012, 10:13 PM
I think I'm up to something...
I looks like there are many problems with HDMI CEC devices with many brands.
After searching on the web, I found out that the problem probably lies within an incompatibily between HDMI 1.2/1.3 and 1.4 with CEC devices.

Long story short. With HDMI 1.4 the CEC standard is introduced while in the previous versions this was not. BUT it looks like a lot of devices (especially the AC Ryan playon hd) gives a signal on the wire that is now used for the CEC. Hereby it gives a disturbance on this wire (pin 13) which screws up the information for the CEC devices.

Google on "HDMI CEC problem pin 13" and you will find enough info about that.
So proof on the pudding (more on that tomorrow):
I bought 2 HDMI high speed 3D cables from the Action (2.19 euro the piece????!)
From the first cable I cut open the connector to see which color the wire had that connected pin 13 (in this case it was red). Than from the second HDMI cable I carefully removed the plastic coating for about 8 cm and loosened the wires and protection. Than with a toothpick I was able to remove the red wire from the bundle and cut this with a little scisor.
I checked with a multi-meter if this disconnection was correct and than covered the ends of both wire with tape (to prevent short circuit) and covered the open piece of the cable with ducktape.

I connected it to the AC Ryan and the TV and guess.... it works.
I tried it twice now and tomorrow I will do some more testing, but the strange behavior of the television did not appear anymore while a few days ago the TV went besurk when it was connected to the ACRyan while it was even in standby.
Now the ACRyan was on and I was able to swith to the HDMI channel on TV for the ACRyan and still the icons on the TV for the HTS were correct.

So maybe the Philips products works as designed after all, but than again this very odd incompatibility is one of the strangest things I have encountered in many years.

Tomorrow or in any case soon, I will update my findings.
I have to make me another cable as wel but now for the UPC mediabox.

Hope this is usefull for some one (Philips pay attention here!, inform your customers about this if this realy is the case)


Lex West
03-31-2012, 12:44 PM
So back again with more info.
yesterday I bought two new cables at Action (other shop).
I bought two because you never know and for 2.19 this is so cheap. (and TROS RADAR tested these cable as best even over a monster cable of 139...)
I again cut the red wire in the cable and guess, not correct. I cut some more and found out that in this batch the white wire was connected to pin 13????!!!
Never the less, cable two was consistently connected so after cutting the white wire I taped it up and connected it to the television and the UPC mediabox.

And now for the conclusion:
No strange behavior till now (I'm being carefull).
Everything works as it should.
All the icons stay in place on the homescreen of the television (e.g. HTS-USB, HTS-Radio etc)
Easylinks works great. Sound is routed to the HTS as soon as I start it (television automatically discovers this) and as soon as I turn it of the television switches to the internal speakers.

I hope this info can help others as well because this have cost me many hours and gave me a lot of frustration.


03-31-2012, 10:22 PM
Thanks, this is the solution for the easylink problem. After three months, finally a solution. I also bought the HDMI cables from the Action and as you said, I cut the red wire, so pin 13 is disconnected. Immediately all the icons are on the menu of the tv (HTS-USB, HTS-Radio etc). Now everything is working as it should be. I hope this stays so. I think this solution from Alex will help a lot of people, because many of us have problems with the easylink function.


04-01-2012, 05:06 PM
Hi guys, i wonder if this issue is also related to the resets I have on my Philips Cinema Gold tv when I use it together with the HTS8562/12. On the HTS I only have an Apple TV connected with HDMI, but not connected to a power supply. I posted a lot of information about this problem and 5 months have passed now without a solution from Philips. I documented everything in the thread below:


@Lex West: I'd like to know more about your solution, as I understand you connect the AC Ryan to the HTS using this cable you modified (with the disconnected pin 13).

You don't use this modified cable to connect the HTS to the TV as you'd loose all CEC (Easylink) functions, am I right?

@ram1111: what other device do you have connected by this special cable to the HTS?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Lex West
04-01-2012, 08:26 PM
Only the devices which do make use of CEC should have pin 13 connected.
All others not.

some slight backdraw....
Today when starting up the tv and turning on a device (with my second adjusted cable) did give me some problems again. It looks like the Philips is very sensitive while starting up and trying to detect other CEC devices.
Have to check this second cable (color wiring was different...) but the TV and HTS does work much better than before.

Try disconnection every other device than the TV and HTS and than get everything to work.
You can adjust a cable if this solves the issue for you.

04-01-2012, 08:44 PM
@Lex West: thanks for your reply. I have now modified a HDMI cable (disconnected pin 13 - lucky number I guess) and attached my Apple TV using this cable. So far so good. I'll monitor it to see if the resets I was experiencing on the TV side are gone.

Even with no devices attached to both TV and HTS i still can't see all HTS entries in the TV menu of my Philips Cinema Gold TV (I only see duplicate entries of Multi-view) but could be another bug in the TV software.

One last question, did you also update to the latest version of the HTS firmware 1.27 MCU 5.05 posted on 22-03-2012? There's something wrong with the volume of the back speakers, I posted some more info here:


I'd like to know if you also have low volume on the back speakers with this new firmware.

04-02-2012, 07:05 PM
Bluevoice, to me it is still working. You can try this solution by connecting the HTS to your tv with a HDMI 1.4 cable (original, not adjusted). Disconnect your apple tv. Get both devices of power. Than restart both devices. See in the tv menu of PHILIPS HTS appears. At my place sometimes you see all the icons (radio, Ipod etc), but mostly you only see PHILIPS HTS in the menu. Doesn’t matter, easylink works that way.

When this is working, you need to connect your apple tv to your tv or HTS. Restart both devices. If apple tv is the problem, PHILIPS HTS is gone in your tv menu. Now you know that this is the problem. You need to disconnect pin 13, put your HDMI cable from apple tv in the tv or HTS and everything should work.

My setup is the following: I connected my HTS to my Philips tv in HDMI1 ARC with an original 1.4 cable. In the tv menu I set all easylink function on, HDMI 1 on ARC and speakers on autostart. My mediaplayer from AC ryan is connected to the HTS, HDMI1 with an adjusted cable (pin 13 disconnected). My playstation 3 is in the HDMI 2 from the tv with an adjusted cable (no pin 13), my harddiskrecorder (ziggo) is connected to HDMI 3 from the TV with an original cable.
I hope this will work for you to. Good luck.

04-02-2012, 07:09 PM
Oh, and to me the sound problem is solved with the recent update. The volume of the rear speakers is ok, the automatic calibration function works at my place. I have no wireless module.

04-02-2012, 07:20 PM
Oh, and to me the sound problem is solved with the recent update. The volume of the rear speakers is ok, the automatic calibration function works at my place. I have no wireless module.

Thanks for your reply. Than it could be is related to the wireless module, Philips should be able to test it.

One more thing about Easylink, I learned that you can only get all functions of the HTS on the TV menu when you set the speakers to Easylink (and not Easylink autostart). When you set the speakers to Easylink autostart than you only get the Philips HTS entry.

Currently when I set the speakers to only Easylink I only get duplicated Multi-View options on my Cinema Gold TV that do nothing when you try to open them (see my previous posted picture).

04-02-2012, 07:43 PM
Guys, I just tried connecting the Apple TV to the HTS with the modified cable (with pin 13 disconnected) and I still got a reset of the TV (screen goes black and Philips logo comes up). After the TV restarted, the TV got caught in a reset loop.

So I disconnected all devices, all HDMI cables except the HDMI 1.4 cable I use for the HTS - TV connection on HDMI 1 and even with all devices devices disconnected I still got the tv to reset as soon as I started the HTS. Than it was caught in a reset loop again. I don't know what to do to stop the resets of the TV and to be able to use the Easylink connection.

Lex West
04-02-2012, 08:06 PM
Blue Voice,

I would turn both devices of and disconnect the HTS from the TV.
Than start the TV and disable Easylink.
Turn of the TV and connect the HTS.

If the loop does not occur, than you can enable Easylink again.

I've had problems before and disabled Easylink on both and removed power on both devices for 2 minutes. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I had to reset to factory settings...
Hope you get it working soon.

I also want to point out that turning on other devices or even use the remote while starting up the tv looks to screw up the tv (do not know for sure, but it looks to me that during the boot the device is very sensitive)

04-02-2012, 08:48 PM
@Lex West: thanks for trying to help me out. I turned both devices off for a couple of minutes and back on and the reset loop is gone for now. The tv logged 7 software events (resets) allready. I wonder how long will it take until the next reset :(

04-02-2012, 10:26 PM
Heb jij de code om in het servicemenu van je tv te komen? Anders heb ik deze wel voor je. In het servicemenu kan je exact terugvinden hoeveel errors je tv heeft. Wil je een terugkerend probleem oplossen, dan moet die errorbuffer leeg. Uiteraard mag je dat niet zelf doen ivm garantie etc, maar het is heel simpel. In het servicemenu kan je ook het protocol van je hdmi aansluitingen kiezen. De standaardspecificatie is dat hdmi arc altijd onder hdmi 1 zit. Wellicht is deze bij jou onder een andere hdmi aansluiting geselecteerd. In ieder geval is alles terug te vinden in het servicemenu. Als je de code wilt hebben, wil ik deze wel aan je mailen (als ik een mailadres van je heb).
Dan nog een ander advies. Vorig jaar heb ik mijn tv gekocht (46pfl9705). De eerste die ik gelverd kreeg ging continu rebooten. Ik heb een aantal dagen later een nieuwe gekregen zonder dit probleem. Het kan dus goed zijn dat alleen jou tv dit probleem heeft. Aangezien je nog volop in de garantie zit, moet je eisen dat je tv wordt vervangen of gerepareerd. Stel eerst vast of het niet aan je home cinema ligt. Bel naar philips en laat je home cinema ophalen, deze wordt dan nagekeken. Binnen enkele dagen heb je deze weer keurig terug. Kans is groot dat ze niets hebben kunnen vinden, was bij mij ook. Dan je tv ter reparatie of vervanging aanbieden. Je koopt geen dure tv die niet normaal te gebruiken is. Harde eisen stellen. Je tv moet gewoon normaal functioneren.

04-03-2012, 04:34 AM
better use English since this is a global forum.
also this may be deleted by moderator somehow...

Ed Canaya
07-19-2012, 03:05 AM
This was so helpful..thanks

Joe G
11-05-2012, 01:14 AM
Well, let me tell you how thankful I am for the information in this post. I've been having trouble with the HDMI control feature in my AV system for 3 years now -- a huge amount of frustration and time wasted trying to fix this. Whenever I happened to have more than one device connected via HDMI, the control function would go haywire. I can't tell you how many hours I spent trying to fix this problem.

Today I decided that I would see if I could somehow figure out how to cut the wire that provides the control function on the HDMI cable. After reading this thread, I decided first to just try to jam a very thin nail into the pin #13 connection on my cable. Even though a small portion of the plastic just below the pin cracked off, apparently I was able to push the pin sufficiently into the connector so as to disable the connection.

Everything seems to work fine at this point. I run Apple TV through this connection, which I don't use too frequently so as to be bothered by having to manually change inputs on my AV receiver. I had previously connected my Blu-Ray player via Component Video and Optical Audio cables, but I may just deactivate Pin #13 on another HDMI cable and use that instead to connect the Blu-Ray.

My Satellite box is connected via HDMI with the Pin #13 CEC control function intact, since I use this source the majority of the time I am using my AV system.

No more random switching of source components!!!! HOORAY!!!! Thanks very much for everyone's help.

07-26-2013, 10:12 AM
For those not interesting to modify the cable , they can use hdmi to dvi and then dvi to hdmi male adapter. So you need 1 hdmi 1.4 cable and 2 adapter directly to HTS. Cec signal dont through via dvi