View Full Version : DVB-C channel search on 2k12 model numbers (xxPFLxxx7): TV does not find all channels

Philips - Thomas
04-04-2012, 09:33 AM
Hello to all users with a 2k12 device (xxPFLxxx7)

If you use DVB-C and you don't find any channels during channel search after you've unpacked the device, please use the following steps:
Go to Menu > Setup > Search for Channels > Reinstall Channels > select Country > Cable (DVB-C) > Settings > Frequency scan > "Full Scan" > Frequency step size > "1MHz" > Done > Start.

This search mode can take quite a while but will ensure that you find all the channels you are searching for!

you can also try:
after the installation has been finished without any channel found, directly unplug the mains, wait 3mins and replug it again, rerun the installation.