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04-05-2012, 07:11 AM
Hi Guys

Please share your experiences with this new SW version here in this topic. Channeling your input will make it easier for users to search and find relevant info.

- Due to our global IT structure, there might be a delay in the uploading/synchronising of new SW releases (and their release notes). Please, have a little patience if you cannot immediately see the new files on our web pages and try 1 or 2 days later.
- After upgrading your TV it is advised to perform a "cold start": unplug the TV from the mains for a few minutes before starting again.

Release Notes:
Q554(M)_0.79.2.0 (Date published: 2012-04-04)
Onscreen [Help] content update.
Improvement on German OSD translation.
Black screen with no sound from scrambled digital TV channels with CAM inserted. (Only applicable to country, Norway).
TV turns off and on by itself when you play web radio in HbbTV application.
Unable to reload the MHP application. (Only applicable to country, Italy, for M/12 models)

04-07-2012, 10:16 PM
Hi community and Philips-Support,

here's my feedback: I've been having a 32PFL5007K12 for 4 days now.

I'm satisfied with this model so far (updated to FW v0.79.2.0 via USB yesterday, TV was delivered with v0.79.1.0), but unfortunately I'm experiencing two problems, which are still present after the update. I'm wondering if the following are bugs or I'm missing options or setup something wrong :confused:?

After installation (setup for operation in Germany with German language interface, DVB-C mainly used) I started marking my favourite channels as "favourites" just the way it is supposed to be made: TV-channel list shows all stations, I marked every station I wanted via "Mark as favourite" in the options-menu.

When I then select the "Favourites" as the stations-list to be displayed instead of all channels, I cannot select all of my favourites on the "list"-screen: only one page is displayed with the first 20 favourites sorted in alphabetic order. When choosing "All Digital Stations" or "All Analogue Stations" as the stations-list, everything works fine: several pages of 20 stations each are available.

The funny thing is: when selecting the favourites-list and then toggling my favourite stations by pushing the "Channel +" button on the remote or the TV, they are there, but on the "list"-screen it seems as if the selection of several pages is not working: only the first 20 are selectable. The arrows on the left/right of the screen indicating, that other pages of stations are there, are missing when using the favourites-list.

I also have a 32PFL8605K02: there it's no problem to select more than 20 stations on the "list"-screen when using the favourites-list, so I was pretty surprised and assume this a software issue.

Besides that: I use a Technisat Technistar K1 DVB-C Receiver. The HDMI volume control option of this one is currently not working together with the 32PFL5007 (Technisat offers two modes for this, none is working; HDMI Power on/off is working fine). So far I cannot tell, if this is an issue of the DVB-C Receiver or the TV.

Everything else is working in my configuration here.

Thank you and I hope these topics can be resolved.

04-18-2012, 08:02 PM
i've just updated my 40PFL5507K with mentioned firmware hoping that the problem with Cyrillic subtitles is solved. But unfortunately it is not!
I tried with several encodings of external subtitle file (.srt) - it still displays incorrect symbols like :

І иЮгвЮ - јРЧХаРвШ аРЧТШеап
V8 Сгап ЭР ЯШбвРвР ЭШ
Another problem is that the options in subtitles menu is not available/clickable

Would you consider fix this issue ? The TV is not usable in regions with cyrillic alphabets


04-24-2012, 10:06 PM
some first days experience with the new 32PFL4007T/12, as usual some positives and some negatives and then some unexpected errors...

the errors discovered:

favorites list does not show more than the first 20 channels added (1 page only), you can mark more as favorites and they show up in program guide but not in the favorites list.

in the program guide I expect that the OK button would take me to watch the channel currently selected, instead every second time it takes me back to the one I was watching when enter the guide and every second time it takes me to the new one selected in program guide. Might also be random, but I think its actual every second time.

the subjective negatives:

Like to navigate the channels using the guide, now its accessed from the home menu and its 3 buttons to get there, would have been great to get access there directly with one button on the remote.

In the guide there is no page down/up, when you check whats currently on air quickly going over the list with page down/up would be great.

lots of other features still to explore...

Philips - Thomas
05-04-2012, 10:56 AM

please all check for the latest Changes: