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04-24-2012, 05:37 PM

I have a Dreambox DM500HD satellite receiver with Mediatomb uPnP server running on it and sharing channels using two different methods :

M3U File Share:

An *.m3u file with mime-type "audio/x-mpegurl" is shared by the uPnP server and the contains the URL of the HTTP steam.


HTTP URL Share :

The HTTP stream URL (e.g. is directly shared with mime-type "video/mpeg".

Knowing that the stream is MPEG-TS, would a PFL8606 TV be able to start playing the Live Stream using either of these methods?

04-25-2012, 04:30 AM
I also have this same type of problem and would want to know how to set this up. If anyone can provide a step by step instruction, it would be appreciated. http://imagicon.info/cat/12-19/text-smiley.png

Philips - Thomas
04-25-2012, 06:40 AM

answer is no, the TV can not handle such Stream.


04-25-2012, 12:44 PM

answer is no, the TV can not handle such Stream.


I don't understand why the answer is no... If the second method is used, how will the TV know if it is a live TV stream or the stream of a recorded MPEG-TS program streamed using upnp? Because both will look the same!

Also when I look to this thread (http://www.supportforum.philips.com/en/showthread.php?2420-ts-problems-via-DLNA-play-only-once-and-reboot-is-needed-mediatomb-etc/page2)it seems that the user there is able to make the TV read a live http stream by using uPnP to publish it.

04-27-2012, 05:47 PM
It is not in the interests of philips to help with that, they would rather sell you some setup-box for that.
and that is too bad, they should hire some fresh and openminded engineers and get rid of old generation guys, who think that entering an URL on a numerical pad of the remote control is a perfectly acceptable input method.

using DLNA is possible but also has limitation see my answer to your post in


another 'pure theoretical' possibility would be to write an smartTV application, which is HTML5 but the problem with that is it only supports MP4/H264/WMV9 video format and not mpeg2-ts. It might work for some HD channels on sattelite if it matches the H264 profile. But other limitation is that smartTV/NetTV can not access any device on the local network. and another problems is that you cannot just write an application and publish it for personal use, you have to get hosting for that and become close friends with philips, so yeah. a no go.

some time ago i did simple test right in the shop, using philips, samsung and LG tv, just to see which one would play the most video files and network streams ( mpeg-ts ) through dlna. LG was the winner LW650s,( but is phisically not so well build). it can also play 3D mkv files. it would also play mpeg2 ts streams without lag. Samsung d7000 was a little more selective, it would play less formats, and had difficulties with mpeg2 streams.