View Full Version : 55PUS6272/05 Software Crash After Changing Channel

01-28-2018, 03:14 PM
Purchased a 55PUS6272/05 earlier this month and it appears to have a software fault which occurrs when you change channels, randomly after changing the channel over on the TV it just shows a black screen (backlight still lit & no audio) and the TV becomes none responsive to remote inputs and won't respond to anything until you turn it off at the mains and re-start. I had the same fault on the TV i had before this one which was a 50PUS6272, i returned it because of this fault and upgraded to the 55PUS6272 hoping it would be OK but it appears to have exactly the same problem which makes me think it maybe software related.

Software version is: TPM179E_012.002.132.011 which according to the TV is the latest version.

Are any other owners having the same problem and is a software release due soon to solve this annoying issue?

Thanks in advance,