View Full Version : 65PUS6162 API for smart home automations

02-26-2018, 01:03 PM
Hi there,

I was pretty happy with my Philips 43PUH6101/88, and I had it integrated on my smart home system, where I was able to control it and see its status from Home Assistant.

I decided to get a bigger screen, so I purchased a 65PUS6162.

I am quite dissapointed that the jointspace integration for this "Superior" tv is limited to see the status of the tv, and that is not possible to send commands over the network.

Another downer is the change on the API, where the number changes from a 1 on the old tvs to a 6 on the newest models!

Please, work on a API Standard, and let us control our tvs, we are already on the smart home age.

It would be great if somebody from your engineering team can help these guys to integrate your products on their open source smart home solution


I think it will help your company to sell more tvs, and it would be beneficial for us the end consumers