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04-30-2012, 01:47 PM

I just bought second hand a WAS7500, and wanted to upgrade the firmware... I already have a WAS7500, and noticed that the 2nd hand one was running an old versino (1.17) but the one I already had was at 1.31. I remember ages ago upgrading the one I already had (about 1 year ago I guess) with no real problems ...

But try as I might I can't work out how to upgrade the 2nd hand one I just bought. When I use WADM to locate it (after successfully pairing it to a MCi500H I already have) I can (some of the time) find the WAS7500 I want to upgrade. When I connect to it, and get the management pages, I see a Firmware Upgrade page ... but when I go to that page, I don't get any way of uploading a NEW firmware - instead I get a page that has a button with Firmware Upgrade shown. When I click on this, it reboots the WAS7500 and I simply end up back where I was before. What I am expecting is a page that allows me to browse to the BIN file that contains the firmware, and a button that is labelled Apply - when clicking this I expectf to upload my firmware BIN file.

So it seems to me that the WAS7500 is in some strange state that won't allow me to upload any new firmware.

Oddly, I went to my older (original) WAS7500 (the one running the 1.31 version) and it *also* shows the same firmward upgrade page - that is, it also won't allow me to upload the firmware.

I think I must be doing something wrong ...

The docs seem very difficult to understand here. It's not clear what role the MCi500H has in this - one document seems to indicate that I need to connect to it to do the upgrade.

Anyone done this recently who can tell me exactly how to get my WAS7500 upgraded? The current 1.17 firmware it has won't allow me to listen to BBC R4 via the internet radio ... very annoying


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08-21-2015, 08:43 AM
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