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05-06-2012, 08:49 AM
Hi guys,

one more bug at IP-EPG. At least at my set (40pfl7605h/12 @ 140.047) it is reproducible doing the following steps:
1.) open IP-EPG (with back function at normal level, what means without any sound drop)
2.) scroll away at least one page (it doesn't mater if you scroll up or down)
3.) let's say it's 10:58 and at the page you currently are, there is a broadcast listed that starts at 11:00; therefore its listed in the "next" column of the IP-EPG view
4.) when it becomes 11:00 the IP-EPG view has to be updated because the broadcast at 11:00 must be moved from the second column (next) to the first column (now)
5.) but what happens is, that you will be redirected to the page and the channel where you opened IP-EPG in step one

this is very annoying when you were several pages away because you want to have look whats going on at dozens oh tv channels.

Enjoy your TV, it's fun!

05-06-2012, 08:53 PM
Would echo.
Looks like relations to the current breakdown of the IP-EPG cause I can reproduce the same fault at my 40PFL5007K/12 /DVB-S/ FW79.04

05-06-2012, 09:59 PM
This bug I've observed many times in the in the last years (8404, last SW offered by Philips), especially when identifying wrong or no associated channels. Its confusing but can live with. I do then leave IP-EPG and switch to a channel in the wrong displayed page and reopen IP-EPG.

Currently an other bug is much more confusing:
When browsing in IP-EPG to channel positions above 150 or 200 in my channel list some times informations at next page can not loaded and EPG of previous page is displayed associated with channel logos of current page. When I then leave IP-EPG and open IP-EPG I get wrong data again or all channels display that infos couldn't load...