View Full Version : How can I remove personal data from my NetTV?

07-07-2010, 01:28 PM
I read somewhere that a Net TV applet can store certain settings on the TV (cookies). If I want to hide this from other users, what should I do?

07-07-2010, 01:35 PM
Hi Peu, I found this in the FAQs: Leave Net TV and press the 'Home' button on the remote control. Select 'Setup', 'Installation' and then the option 'Clear Net TV memory'. This removes all personal data from the TV. Please note that the TV registration is cancelled in the process. When you re-register your TV under the same email address you used for the previous registration, your Net TV Portal settings will be restored, without the cookies.
Is it of any help? :)

Ilse de Rooi
07-08-2010, 07:58 AM
Thanks, this is very helpfull!