View Full Version : Any way to change .srt subtitle:s font size or spacing?

05-10-2012, 12:17 AM
For a large screen the font size is good, but for smaller tv:s like 32" or so it is a bit small.
Also the spacing seems rather loose.

Any way to alter anything for the subtitles?
I'd prefer more tight spacing.
(tight with minus spacing or no additional spacing)
The text you are reading now is tight with minus spacing.

Ideally there would be a menu for
"subtitle size: small, medium, large" (or even regular/bold)
"spacing; loose, tight"

And even more cool would it be if there was a choice for an alternative font, or maybe 3 different fonts.

But that would propably make this player too high end for the price.

Edit: BDP5200/12