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05-11-2012, 05:45 PM
Hi ... I recently decided to upgrade from my WAC7500 + stations to the MCi8080 + NP3900 / NP3700. The reason for making the change is that I was running out of disk space on the WAC.

So far I have extracted all the music files from the WAC using WACHandler, and then added album art. I have then copied all these files on the HDD of MCi8080. It is a list of 19,168 files (72GB)...there are no folders. It took the MCi8080 over 30 hours to update the database the first time.

I then read that I could change the name of the unit to something more meaningful ....which I did ....not realising that this would mean the unit would update the whole database. After 36 hours it was up to 99% ....and 10 hours later it was still on 99% ....so I pulled the plug. I deleted the database folder that had been created and let it start again ....it is now up to 51% after 8 hours.

My first question is ...is it normal that it takes this long? Is not having folders a good or a bad thing?

My next question is how best to manage the HDD once it has all the files? I plan to link my PC wirelessly to the MCi, and then add it as a folder to an Itunes library (or Windows Media Player if Itunes will not work). On my WAC I had a lot of playlists that I would like to transfer to the MCi, but I would also like to update them easily. I would therefore like to import them to Itunes (or WMP) for manipulation, and for them to be saved on the MCi HDD so that they can be played.

Assuming this is possible how do I:
1) extract the playlists from the WAC using WACHandler in a format that is acceptable to Itunes (or WMP)?
2) import them to Itunes (or WMP)?
3) get Itunes (or WMP) to save the playlists to the HDD?

If I can avoid recreating the playlists manually, I would be very happy!

Any advice would be greatly received ...THANKS!

05-21-2012, 11:41 PM
Hi !
1: WACHandler can export your playlists and optionally the tracks that belongs to the playlists too (otherwise the playlist copied to your PC are just referring to the tracks in the WAC).

Also, I would strongly recommend to arrange your tracks into folder (Artists, Albums or better Artists\Albums) since NTFS (or worse, FAT) filesystems gets extremely slow when you hit around 2000 files withing one folder.

Cheers !

05-22-2012, 11:29 AM
Thanks Tias!
I am making some progress. I had already reorganised my files into folders, and it has indeed made a huge difference to the processing time ....down from 30 hours to just over 1 hr! So far, for albums, I have just got a folder for the artist prefix ....so all the Axxx in a folder A etc. I also have a lot of Singles, and they are in folders by year ...so for example 2012.

I am now struggling with playlists ....even creating new ones the MCi will recognise. I am wondering whether it is my folder structure it does not like ...ie a combination of letter and numbers. For example, if I create a playlist in Itunes of both album tracks and singles, and export it to the HDD as an M3U file, the playlist the MCi recognises only contains singles ....not the album tracks. I have tried moving all the singles tracks to the albums (letter) folders for the one year I am testing, but then the playlist comes back as blank. I am now removing all the folders with numbers only, and will see whether that will work....

If not I will resort to the Artist/Album structure, and see if I can make that work.

All very time consuming ...especially as the start up instructions say the file structure does not matter ...which it clearly does!

My first approach did not make a difference. Therefore I opted for the Artist/Album Structure as suggested by Tias ....and it is now working!! One comment though ..I did initially find that the MCi would not include any tracks from Madonna's MDNA album in the play list I had created. After several attempts, what has made the system include the tracks in the playlist, is to name the folder 'Mdna' and not 'MDNA'. Not sure I understand why this would make a difference ....but it has!!

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