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05-14-2012, 08:30 AM

One piece of advice. Philips set up this forum so that users can help each other i.e. if one user is looking for specific settings that another user already uses. This way users can help each other and Philips gets less support.

The forum is moderated by people from Philips that can pass the feedback you, users, give here (like firmware related feedback) to the development teams. Please realise that this only happens if there are a lot of complaints about a certain feature / functionality. See the moderation level as a "filter" of what goes to the development teams and what doesn't.

If you have problems with your TV like local dimming, PNM always on, Net TV connectivity, IP-EPG not working correctly, reboots because of network connected NAS (QNAP), please contact Philips Support directly by sending an email using the links below.

If you do so, you will get beyond the support forum "filter" and get directly to Philips support. Your email will be given a unique support number that Philips has to address one way or the other. The current way for Philips to prioritize issues that will be addressed in the feature is by the amount of official support cases they receive on a certain issue.

So please take your time and file an official support request by using the link above and don't just let it be a disscusion on a forum. Get your issue addressed by Philips or at least let Philips agnowledge it. Remember, the more official support requests about a certain issue, the higher the chance Philips will address the issue quicker.

http://www.support.philips.com/suppo...ncharset=UTF-8 (http://www.support.philips.com/support/contact/contact_us.jsp?mode=start&formid=CONSUMER&param1=SOUND_AND_VISION_GR&param2=TELEVISIONS_CA&param3=&param4=&modelCategory=Philips%20TV&userCountry=nl&userLanguage=nl&weekDay1=Maandag%20t/m%20Vrijdag%2008:00%20-%2020:00&weekEnd1=Zaterdag%2009:00%20-%2018:00&_dyncharset=UTF-8)

http://www.support.philips.com/support/contact/contact_us.jsp?mode=start&formid=CONSUMER&param1=SOUND_AND_VISION_GR&param2=TELEVISIONS_CA&param3=CINEMA219_FLAT_TV_SE&param4=&modelCategory=Flat%20TV&userLanguage=de&userCountry=de&weekDay1=Montag%20–%20Freitag%2008:00%20–%2020:00% 20Uhr&weekEnd1=Samstags%2009:00%20–%2018:00%20Uhr&_dyncharset=UTF-8




05-14-2012, 02:21 PM
Hi Blue,
would you be so kind and edit your post with the link of the english email support... i don´t speak dutch :-)

05-14-2012, 02:31 PM
Hi Blue,
would you be so kind and edit your post with the link of the english email support... i don´t speak dutch :-)

Just added direct links for some other countries that have active users in the forum. If you want me to add another direct link for another country, just let me know.

Philips - Thomas
05-15-2012, 03:48 PM
Hi Guys and Girls,

may I also leave some Words to this Topic.

We have created this Forum for You. To share your Feedback with other Users.

We know that in the World Wide Web you can find a lot of things.
If I search for TV's with Network Issues, i'll definately find a lot of Posts but the Question is, are all those Posts on different Platforms from different Countries really based on the same Issue?

They aren't, you'll know that as good as i do, but, in the end, nobody cares about that fact. It will allways be like "but the internet" or "You can see lots of Users complaining about this", no matter if this, what you can read, really fits your Request.

What we can see is, that there is a lot of half-knowledge in the World, there are a lot of Users online, thinking, they know everything. In fact, they don't, neither do we.
So we need Feedback and Experiences. Thats why we have this Forum, we can avoid false facts and can learn from your Discussions and Feedback and that is exactly what we are doing.

You really think, you Post does not count?

I will not say that we solved Issues only because of this Forum, we as a Community are good but not that good as there are Issues only we have seen.

Of course we have to combine your Feedback here with the Feedback from the local Support Specialists. So to say, in the End, it does not matter if you contact us via Email, Chat, Phone or this Forum.

But this Forum gives you the opportunity to share your Experiences. You can see the reactions live, everybody can see them.

If you think it is better to Phone the local Support, yeah, your free to do that, we do not push someone to register in here or stay here or post here. Its your choice, nobody, not we, neither others, should force you to choose a certain contact method.
You have the Options, use the one which You think is the best for You.

But if you decide to use the Options we give you with this Platform, we are more than Happy to welcome you.

Best Regards

05-16-2012, 07:57 AM
You really think, you Post does not count?

Hi Philips - Thomas, with all due respect to your role as a moderator, I, and I think a lot of forum users here with me, don't feel that we get straight answers to our questions or that our feedback is properly transmitted to the TV development team.

Off course, I could also be wrong and the feedback you receive from us is transmitted properly by the mods to the software development team. It could be the software development team that decides to just ignore the issues people are complaining about because they consider them not important, not a priority or are more busy with the development for the new 2012 line.

I will just take one example to explain this. You must have heard of a Perfect Natural Motion (PNM) bug, people complain about sinds the end of last year, 6+ month now. It is not just 1 complain but more like 50 complains with every new software update. With every single software update (14.84 --> 14.91--> 14.93 -->14.95 --> 14.97-->14.98) this annoying bug is still there and every time people take their valuable time to give feedback and ask for an improvement.

Philips should be happy and appreciative about this feedback because it's a free and it allows Philips to improve its products and make the bond stronger with the community and more important new owners of a Philips product.

But what happens instead? Nothing, no agnowledgement, no answer to a straight question like: "guys we still see this problem, can you do something about it?".

Philips - Thomas: do you think this is the right way to treat customers?

I will explain the PNM bug once again: people don't like to have PNM on during TV broadcasts ("watch tv"- function) because it displays ugly artifacts (pixel blocks) around moving objects on the TV screen. So users turn PNM off, and the image is fine as it should be without artifacts. Then, after they finished watching TV people turn the TV off (or turn the TV to standby). The problem is that next time they turn the TV on, people see the PNM related artifacts again aroud moving objects and PNM seems to be ON again despite the fact that in the menu it says it's off. Turning it on for a few seconds and off again, turns it really off. Also changing the Smart Picture to let's say Standard and then back to Personal also works to turn the PNM really off.

So I have to manually turn PNM ON and back OFF every single time I turn on the TV, to eliminate the annoying artifacts around fast moving objects. PNM should remember the setting for OFF, the next time the TV gets on and act accordingly. Don't you think this is annoying? Do you think a TV should act like this? Do you even own a Philips TV?

What is it exactly you don't understand about the explaination of this issue that has been raised for 6+ months now and has been much discussed here in the forum?

So to honestly answer your question, I don't think the posts on the PNM (and other bugs) did really count as the issue would be resolved by now.

If I send an email, I get a support case number and technicians from Philips take the time to contact me and ask more questions about the problem to find a solution or so it seems.

The time spent here seems just wasted time, but correct me if I'm wrong and tell us how an issue like the PNM bug is being addressed!

05-16-2012, 11:14 AM
+1 for Bluevoice, He is absolutely right.

Like I posted before, just say we are working on it. Even if you don't....but Thomas did not listen to me. Philips knows best.

05-22-2012, 12:05 PM
@Philips - Thomas: if our post still count, why do you keep ignoring to give answers about the existent bugs?

This are your latest posts on the issues reported:

- Local dimming: #99 (http://www.supportforum.philips.com/en/showthread.php?2923-Your-experiences-with-FW-v0-14-84-0-for-8000-9000-and-21-9-series-(2011-models)&p=17644&viewfull=1#post17644) posted by you on 11-24-2011, 01:59 PM - 6 months ago and still counting
- PNM always on: #102 (http://www.supportforum.philips.com/en/showthread.php?2923-Your-experiences-with-FW-v0-14-84-0-for-8000-9000-and-21-9-series-(2011-models)&p=17690&viewfull=1#post17690) posted by you on 11-25-2011, 08:19 AM - also 6 months ago and still no update