View Full Version : Screen goes black, faint smell of electrical burning (overheating)

05-15-2012, 08:36 PM
My Philips 47PFL 7403 D27 LCD has been having some issues lately. The screen will go off, but the sound keeps going. The unit puts off an electrical (overheating) type of smell. After you turn the TV off and back on the picture comes back.

We tend to leave it turned off for a while though. This allows it time for the smell to go away and cool down.

It is not in direct sunlight or over a fireplace or heat source. I used my shop vac to vacuum all the lint and dust that I could shy of taking the TV off the wall and apart.

This happened one time back around Christmas and it wouldn’t turn on for several hours, but we haven’t had any problems until recently.

It has also in the past, infrequently cycled off and then back on, for no reason.