View Full Version : 37PFL6606T12 Subtitles on Channel5

05-30-2012, 11:05 AM
The subtitles on Channel 5 appear with three colour overlaid but offset characters, making them illegible.Sometimes it is all the words at other times just some words or one line good another line bad.
I have 2 other new Philips Tvs' a 26PFL3405H/05 and a19PFL3405H/05 which do not have this fault.
Philpps technical team insist that the TV is not at fault and the problem lies with the broadcaster ie Channel 5 and that some other manufacturers suffer the same problem.
I have contacted Channel 5 who say that they are sure there is no problem with their transmission and the fault must be with the TV reciever.
Is there any one out there who has the same problem and has a solution, alternatively does Philips have a software upgrade ine the pipeline ?