View Full Version : Weird behaviour while using a CAM module with a smart card.

05-30-2012, 04:47 PM
Model 40PFL6626T/12 firmware CAM modul with kabel Canaldigital Sweden smart card.

Is there anything to do for this problems:

I found it really annoying that each time the TV starts up, it shows the authentication of the CAM module.. ( it disappears after approx 3 sec)

Select channel(any channel no rules) receive a"encrypted channel message" switching back and forth(or just selecting the same channel again)fixes that problem temporarily(for that channel)

Picture problems on digital channels interference frames,squares for the most on faces and bottom side of the tv,sound changes it happens for about every 5-10 min.

Works well in analog channels.

05-31-2012, 01:22 PM
OK, problem appeared again at my side.

I don't see any authentication of the CAM module on startup. I have no video/audio problems.

When I browse through channels (all digital), sometimes I get the channel immediately and sometimes and get the message "Scrambled Programme" first, and after 2-3 seconds I get the channel.

The problem appeared again, when I get the "Scrambled Programme" message and it stops there. I can see non-scrambled channels, but when I try again a scramled one I get the message and nothing more happens. I restart the TV (remote on/off) and everything works again.

Can I somehow help to diagnose these problems in more detail? Please report them to the developers.