View Full Version : Philips please remove the Multi View function on 21:9 (misleading advertising)

05-31-2012, 09:13 PM
Before I purchased my 21:9 TV, I was really looking forward to this function. The 21:9 screen looked big enough for me to be able to see 2 screens in one.

I did not get the chance to test this function of the tv in the shop but I checked the official ad from Philips before buying the tv. This is a screenshot from the ad and shows the way I expected Multi View to look like:


So after having watched the ad, I was looking forward to use this function, especially the possibility to be able to watch tv and use NetTV apps (internet) at the same time as on a 21:9 tv the screen is large enough to display both screens next to each other. Also, the ad and the Philips product web page for the 21:9 TV's (Platinum and Gold) show an icon with 2 arrows (left bottom corner of the above image), suggesting the size of the 2 screens is user adjustable, right?

Wrong! The actual Multi View function that is now on the TV shows a small, small screen to display the current TV broadcast. You can't properly watch TV when using an Internet app. This really is a joke, why not use more screen if you have it? Where is the common sense in this? This is how the Multi View screen looks right now:


So what happened to the Multi View option? Why is it such a crap right now? There is no advantage of this function as the NetTV function, since the introduction of the new interface, also displays the TV broadcast in the left right corner.

I spoke to a Philips representative and asked to give the user more possibilities, my wish would be 2 x 16:9 screens of the same size, just like in the screenshot above, as advertised. Also an option to choose from multiple screen layouts for the Multi View would be more than welcome. But the representative told me Philips won't change a thing because they could not get it right and now focus on other things.

So Philips, please REMOVE the Multi View option, as this is really CRAP. No added value at all!

I also ask all 21:9 Cinema TV owners, what do you think, is this misleading advertising used by Philips or not? Also, do you ever use the Multi View option or do you agree that Philips should either get it work as advertised or skip it from cluttering the TV menu?