View Full Version : 55PFL5505D/F7 LCD TV Issues

06-01-2012, 01:36 AM
I have an issue with my 55PFL5505D/F7 TV that I need assistance with. I have had this TV stop working on me twice in the 1.5 years that I have owned it. Since it was past the 1 year warranty period, Phillips has passed me onto to a local service repair man who will not even come to my house for less than $250 which does not include repair parts. The last time that the service rep came out, he had to replace the power supply board due to a faulty board. It is showing the same symptoms that it did before in that it is completely responsive to the remote and power button (no flashing led, activity, nothing). I ordered a new power supply board off the internet at a good price and don't know if it is indeed good or not either, but upon installation, the TV did not respond. The internal fuse is good, but don't know how to troubleshoot the next steps in this process. Would really like to see if anyone knows how to test the voltages on the boards to be able to pinpoint what the problem area is as to not sink any more money into this TV. I would have expected more from this $1300 investment....but now, it is what it is. HELP!