View Full Version : Cannot share WMP media, no devices found

06-01-2012, 11:23 PM
TV: 32PDL7906T/12 Q5551-

Despite setting up Windows Media Player 11 exactly as shown (XP system), the TV fails to find the computer, even though WMP finds and correctly identifies the TV as "Philips TV".

Tried turning off the firewall in windows and in the wireless router but no luck :(

Only wanting to share audio files but the TV searches for the computer forever.

Thanks everyone!

06-03-2012, 12:23 AM
Good news - all fixed. It magically appeared after actually switching the telly off and on again using the power switch on the side.


06-04-2012, 09:12 AM
It seems like a simple restart will do. Same here. Everything is working now. http://imagicon.info/cat/12-19/icon_smile2.gif