View Full Version : HTS3271/12 v1.26 Network issues

06-03-2012, 08:11 PM
/edit I just realized that there is a software update on the website, I assumed that network update would recognize this as well. I will try this update tomorrow and hopefully this solves it.


I've recently purchased the Philips HTS3271/12 set and have been trying to connect it to my pc over DNLA.
In the menu I can select the media server (I have both PS3 Media Server and WMP12), however when I select either server the folder structure is shown and from that moment the device seems to crash. None responsive to anything besides the on/off button on the remote.
It might be worth noting that the PC is connected via WiFi and the HTS is connected via a cable.

Additionally, I have installed the MyRemote app on my iPhone and tried to utilize it as a remote for the device. Same again, the iPhone is, obviously, connected via WiFi to the same network as the HTS. However, the app can't seem to the find the device.

Hope you guys might have an idea what I might be doing wrong. Looking forward hearing from you to solve my issues.