View Full Version : Help needed with Bdp3000 firmware

06-03-2012, 08:28 PM
Dear All
Apologies for having to ask what I'm sure is a very simple question but I would appreciate anyone's help.
My BDP 3000 has recently stopped playing some newer blu ray discs such as Chronicle.
I've downloaded the firmware update and unzipped this leaving a file called bdp3000_05_fus_eng
I've subsequently transferred this as the sole file to two different USB sticks and tried to upload the software on the players menu but it won't accept these files
I unzipped using a programme called izip and then a second time with unzip
Can anyone help with what I am doing wrong?
Many thanks

06-04-2012, 06:29 AM

to update a BDP you need to extract the bdp3000_05_fus_eng.zip. The output should be a folder UPG_ALL. In this folder a bdp3000.bin (or similar) should be located.

Then format your USB stick (with FAT). Copy the folder including the bin file to the root of the USB stick:


Then remove any disc of the player. Plug in USB-Stick. Got to setup menu and start the update via USB.


06-04-2012, 10:41 AM
Many thanks for this.
Things have got strange though as I did what you said.
I have three players all the same and only one will update.
Yet the problem remains in that it still wont play Chronicle yet my ps3 does.
When trying to update the other players with USB stick they say no valid update found yet this worked on the player. They are all the same age and originally the same firmware.
I've just got an Ethernet cable and it connects says updates are available starts to download and then the whole player crashes.
Think I'm gonna give up and buy a cheap lg player.
Thank you for your reply though. Much appreciated.