View Full Version : 9600 as a CD Transport

06-10-2012, 04:56 AM
Okay, as some of the readers will know recently I hooked up the 9600 to my DAC through coaxial cable. To my surprise, the audio delay doesn't work (we have a separate thread for that). But to my bigger surprise, 9600 can act as a decent CD transport while my DAC doing the music conversion!

I used to play music from computer i.e.

Mac (lossless music files) > Airport Express > DAC > speakers

Now, I could

9600 (CD) > DAC > speakers

I find that the music sounds a bit more musical when played back on 9600. The difference is subtle but 9600 is more pleasing. This is a little surprise but I love the increased utility of the BDP.

CD playback on 9600 is not as polished. Realizing adding new functionality in the firmware is unlikely, I do hope more CD functions could be added in future models.

I do have a small request. I find it annoying about the "Repeat Random" feature (by cycling the Option Menu key). The icon on TV shows a shuffle icon like the one in iTunes but indeed the function is "repeat whole disc with random track until manually stop playing".

I see two problems:

the randomness includes tracks already played. So a track played a short while ago could be played again next.
with shuffle, I would rather have all tracks of the disc played randomly without any repetition until all tracks played. Also, stop the play when all tracks are played.

Is it possible for Philips to add a new option that implements #2 or change the existing "Repeat Random" to behave like #2 ?