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Philips - Remko
06-13-2012, 12:05 PM
Listed below are the BluRay Disk Players (BDPxxxx) and Home Theatre Systems (HTSxxxx) that support the full Net TV portal.

Regretfully, the first generation of these devices, (2010) are not capable to handle some of the newests video apps / video stores.

All devices benefit from a continuously growing amount of available Apps. Philips releases new Apps almost every week.

You are free to select, install and use Apps from various countries. Some Apps only work in the country for which they are released, simply because the App provider has no license to make the content available abroad.

BDP5180,BDP7500S2,BDP7500B2,HTS9520,HTS9140,HTS714 0,BDP8000,BDP9600,HTS9540

BDP5200,BDP5200K,BDP5200X,BDP5300K,BDP6000,BDP7600 ,DBD8010,HTS3261,HTS3271,HTS4282,HTS4561,HTS4562,H TS5561,HTS5562,HTS5581,HTS5582,HTS5591,HTS5592,HTS 7201,HTS7202,HTS7212,HTS7562,HTS7592,HTS8562,HTS92 21,HTS9241

HS3563,HTS3583,HTS3593,HTS5563,HTS5583,HTS5593,HTS 6583,HTS6593, BDP5500,BDP7700,BDP8100,BDP9700,HTB7530D,HTB7530KD ,HTB7560D,HTB7560KD,HTB7590D,HTB7590K,HTB7150,HTB9 150

Other Philips BluRay Disk Players and Home Theatre Systems have internet functionality, supporting BD-life, DLNA, and individual Apps like YouTube. These device do not support the full Net TV portal.

Additionally, Philips launched the first Home Media Player HMP7001 supporting the Net TV portal.

With above mentioned devices you can add access to many Apps to any brand of TV (Even if it still is an old TV with a picture tube, the devices also support composite video out.
Take care, for video store usage the TV needs to have a HDMI connector, movies are only shown over (encrypted) HDMI.

Refer to the leaflet provided on WWW.P4C.Philips.com per device to check out the functionality per device

07-03-2012, 06:49 AM
Thanks a lot of posting the list of Net TV models here. Cheers. http://imagicon.info/cat/12-19/vbbiggrin.png