View Full Version : I would like to know more about how Philips NetTv Apps are chosen or developed

06-22-2012, 10:31 PM
I have recently purchased a 7000 series 3d smarttv and 5000 series 3d bluray player. The nettv apps for seem to very limited and i must honestly say a poor selection. Another weakness is that there does not seem to any explanation for some, some do not work at all. there some that require subscriptions but the payment methods are odd and do not provide any method of payment suitable to everyone. finally there are at least one or two apps that seem to be more advertisement than
anything else.

As a customer with a good working knowledge of the internet, computers, tvs and smartphones. I would expect any app provided with a product that i buy to either work like it is supposed too or at least provide my enough information on what it does and what i need to do to get it to work properly.

For example, recently as customer support about sd card compatiblity and i was informed that is was meant for saving purchased online videos from film2home and that film2home had changed their business model or something like that and the memory card slot is completely useless. It so happens that i already have a subscription to film2home and it is still possible to buy and download movies from them, so what is the problem?

If you (Philips) are going use smarttv apps as a selling point you are going do alot better than what you have now because it is very disappointing to me and perhaps many others when there are services like Viaplay where i can get tv plus movies all i want for under 10 euros a month and less than 17 euros month if add the sport package and is available to the entire nordic region.

So, I would like to know what the process is developing or acquiring apps for nettv, because from little i see available to me right now on Philips Nettv apps makes me think that Philips is not taking nettv apps very seriously.

06-23-2012, 02:11 PM

if you change the location to international or other countries you will find more apps.